It's a Silent Night

It's snowing here and I just walked outside after a long and exhausting day of baking.  It was almost impossible to take photos due to the speed of the snowflakes hitting my lense.  But I was able to snap these two along with many snowflakes.

My small lttle fence over our little bridge was almost clouded by the amount of snow.
What is it about snow that makes me want to cry?  It is magical and after such a difficult day, it is maybe a sign of good things to come.  This season has unexpectedly brought many changes and difficulties and even as I stand outside appreciating the lights outside I know things are different, but I look to the snow as a promise or a blessing.  I pray the snow heals and blesses and I look to it with Hope.
This year my neighbors cat is nowhere in sight.  They have left for the winter and I have looked for her for about a week.  My neighbors think she could have run away or possibly died somewhere.  She had gotten very thin and I can only assume she is ill.  My heart is torn as I look for her in this snow and only pray that she is in heaven, safe and sound on a cold night like this.
I stood outside for a few moments with camera in hand, just listening.  And there was nothing, not a sound, not a car or a voice in the wind.  It is all muffled by the snow.  Like a blanket.  In the silence of this night I wonder . . .  


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