Smitten For A Slipcover

For weeks I've been harrassing the Ikea people to bring back their Henriksdal chair, you know the one. The beautiful white slipcovered chair that sits perfectly around a farmhouse table or paired with another by a fireplace or even just by itself.  Well they are not budging!  I can't understand why a chair that was so popular would be discontinued.  Maybe if we all email them at once they will have to bring it back.
Not only was the price perfect but the slipcovers are washable.  I have quite a few ikea slipcovered furniture and I have to say they are a dream in the washing machine.  My Ektorp sofa was as good as new after I washed it and so was my jennylund chair. Well after sobbing for a few days at the thought of never having a Henriksdal chair, I settled for the Ballard knock off.  The Parson's armchair.
Now I'm going to tell you it's a little more expensive and a little narrower but I got it last week and was impressed with how comfortable it felt.  Unfortunately my slipcover did not come at the same time.  It said it was back ordered and I was sad that I wouldn't have it until January according to the form.  Well to my surprise it arrived today.  I was thrilled.
Take a look.
I did have to steam the bottom of the skirt a bit but I was happy that if I could not have the Ikea one, atleast I had one like it.  I placed it in my foyer and although it is a tiny space, I loved how it looked.  Odds are my husband is going to convince me that it shouldn't stay there but for now, I am smitten.


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