Three Days

Three days, that's how long it took me to decorate my house for Christmas this year.  Normally I am done by Black Friday afternoon or evening.  I finished everything on Sunday.  

I loved elevating my tree like MCG did in her house, so I did it again this year.  Pinecones and nature were my themes this year for my study tree and tree on table (I actually took the bottom part off.  This is a regular 8 ft size tree but I decided not to add the bottom part and I love the results.)  I placed my garland outside of my archway instead of inside like last year.  Our real tree only has our home made and our favorite ornaments and it stands in our favorite most visited room, our family room.  My porch has fresh greens swags on the front and then a small lit faux tree and then a tall stick lit tree in white.  I used burlap ribbon and felt plaid ribbons and a plaid ribbon for the tree in my study to match my curtain fabric which is a tartan.  The green satin skirt for the tree is just a yard of fabric I got as a remnant and paid 12 dollars for it.  I never even hemmed it.  My ornaments are simple balls from Michaels or AC Moore and lots of pinecones.  The smallest simplest things when grouped together can appear really pretty.  I like using simple and ordinary and making it new again.
It was a lot of work, and every year I do a little less. I almost didn't put the white tree up this year. (I got it for 15 dollars at a clearance in Joannes about 5 years ago.  I love a good bargain.)  But because I am having my Christmas Party I thought, when people sit in the dinning room it won't feel like Christmas without it there. I've put a tree in my dinning room for years.  
I always buy a handful of new ornaments every year (not alot, and I don't spend alot of money on them) and this year the best buys were at Pier One.  Lovely natural ornaments and balls and owls. The owl, which is my favorite bird,  is the "it" item this Christmas for the tree.  Everyone has them, Pier One, Pottery Barn, Target, so look out for the good deals. 
Enjoy bringing Christmas into your home.


chateau chic said...

Your Christmas decor looks gorgeous!! It took me a lot longer this year and I didn't even put out as much.
Mary Alice

Ramon Valdez said...

Lisa, I love your color scheme, I thought next year I would do white and silver but after seeing your photos, I think I will do greens, I love the way your trees turned out, specially the study one GORGEOUS!!!!

Brenda said...

Lisa, all your decorations are beautiful! It is taking me FOREVER to get my decorating finished, and I don't do nearly as many trees as you do. I think you did A LOT in 3 short days.

Now you can sit back and enjoy your labors.

Thanks for sharing.

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