A little light

I took a trip to Homegoods yesterday.  I hadn't gone in a while.  Not that I needed anything but wanted to see what I might find.  Low and behold I found this sweet little lamp. (32 dollars) I have to be honest I didn't love the shade and I still don't know if I truly do, but the lamp was a must have.  I wanted something for my antique table and I was very happy with it's placement.

 My husband is away for a week and whenever he is away I figure, hey why not buy something right?  Nothing too big to do damage but just a little something to help ease the days. . . (can't believe I wrote that.  Too funny)  It's really called a revenge buy, at least that's what I like to call it.  You know when you go out to shop because your so mad he's away having dinners and enjoying himself.  (He's at the Sundance Film Festival)
So my little lamp has grown on me and the little light it provides, although not enough to illuminate a room, is just right to shine a spot light on a special little table and a favorite little spot.  
Just incase your wondering (my friends usually comment on them when they come) about my curtains. They are atleast ten years old from Walmart.  So cheap, 14 dollars a panel but I have to say they are my favorite curtains in the house.  I love them.  I paired them with my Ethan Allen custom made valence and you would think they were worth a fortune.  
It's all about the little tricks, the pairing and the search for just the right touch.


Ann said...

Hi, Just found your sweet blog recently and have really enjoyed it! Love the little lamp you found and the table it's on and the chair it sits next to. :)

One small suggestion is that I think the planter next to the lamp is both out of proportion with the lamp and makes the table a bit crowded looking...books don't fit. You might remove the planter or reposition the stack of books and place the lamp on top. I just tried this recently and really like it.

Happy decorating!

chateau chic said...

Your pretty table with your new lamp makes the sweetest little spot! I know what you mean about needing some retail therapy when the hubs away! I do the same thing!
Mary Alice

Lee said...

Thank you Ann I did move the planter to another table. I was such in a rush to post about my new lamp I didn't bother to move things around and proportion it properly.

Unknown said...

Hello. I tried to leave you a comment yesterday, but my computer was acting up. Love your new lamp, and lamplight sure makes things cozy! I use them in my guest room and front room mainly, and love the feel. Hope you are staying warm. We have those -25 wind chills today.

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