A New Year and a Long Winter Ahead

View from the barn to our house this morning.

The year 2014 snuck up on me as I was in bed with fever and chills.  I went to bed at 930 pm and 
never saw the ball drop, or tooted a horn or watched confetti fall.  It was quiet and I was under the 
spell of Alka Seltzer Cold and Flu.  (Nice!)  So I guess you can say that was my New Year's rockin 
eve cocktail.  Should have one of those every night.  (Did I say that out loud?)  
Last night we were hit by a storm that covered us all the way up to Maine.   We got ten inches of snow overnight.  It's 10 degrees outside but I'm sure my friends in New England are in the minus degrees so I won't complain.  
Somewhere under there are my Nell Hill Silver Balls and lanterns.  
I purchased another tree from Nell Hill this week.  I know, I know but I started thinking about next Christmas.  Next Christmas my oldest son will be married (God willing) and my youngest will be coming home from college (waiting to hear where still) and so I have to have everything just right for my boys.  So weird to think that I will be an empty nester in a few months down the line.  My oldest commuted to college in Philadelphia so I never went through this before, now they both will be gone with only a month in between.  
So I didn't really make any resolutions, I don't really believe in them.  I like setting short term goals they are more likely to be met.  Instead of posting what I want to do better or see or change I thought I'd share the things I will look forward to this year.
This year, 2014 . . . 
I will look forward to : a year of preparation a year of hope and dreams
 my garden in the spring and new growth
my son's graduation and our traditional graduation bbq at home with family and friends
a summer filled with weekends at the shore and lazy days on my porch with my dogs
spending as much time with my youngest before he goes away for college
a wedding shower and preparatory dinners
taking my son to college (not looking forward/ but at the same time I'm excited for him)
the arrival of the fall
 getting the house ready for the wedding
visiting my son whenever possible, if possible (if he's in Oregon I'll wait until he comes home)
my son's arrival for the wedding
the wedding weekend and all that it will bring
yet another Christmas
Happy New Year to you here's to your year of plans, hopes and dreams


Marilyn said...

Short term goals! Honestly, that really does make more sense.

Love the snowy pictures you have posted (there is a sense of purity and calm in a fresh snowfall) but I do hope it warms up for everyone in the deep freeze today.

Stay safe and warm!

Marilyn (in Dallas)

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