Just A Few More Days and some Wishful Thinking

I can't believe it and I can't wait.  I will post immediately when my website is launched and my book is out.  The website will be activated in 3 to 4 days.  The website will be www.theshoeboxnovel.com
But I promise I will let you know.
Okay so Wishful Thinking . . . If I could have granted a few wishes pertaining to The Shoebox this is what I would wish for :
I wish that . . .  my book becomes a best seller
. . . that Peter and Maddy become household names and favorite characters
. . . that The Shoebox becomes a movie that will touch the hearts of many and become a favorite
. . . that I can have consulting rights and be consulted on charaters and casting
. . . that I can have book signings where people want to take a photo with me because they love my book
. . . maybe Good Morning America interview (Hey these are my wishes!)

Okay so I'm reaching but it's fun to have wishes.  The reality is that I will be thrilled if I have ten people to buy my book and that I may go to Barnes and Noble and find a copy of my book on the shelf.  I hope that my family can be proud that long after I am long gone, my book will still remain and when they are older they can read through it again and think, "wow my mom was creative and a good writer."
That's really all I need.
. . . Although the top list would be nice.
Hee hee
Will keep you posted on the release.  Thank you my dearest blogging followers and friends for all your support and kind words and comments.  I am truly grateful.


Brenda said...

I hope all your wishes come true!

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

I just recently found your blog and love it!
Congrats on the book! I will definitely look for it, and I would come to a book signing if you were near me and want a photo with you! :)

chateau chic said...

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on your book!!!! This is very exciting! What a fabulous accomplishment.
Mary Alice

Dori at The Red Feedsack said...

Lisa - This is so exciting!!! And you should definitely wish for those things! But certainly the best thing of all is the treasure it will be to your children and future grandchildren. Can't wait! ~ Dori ~

Rhonda K said...

So excited for you. Enjoy the ride!

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

It's great to think big while at the same time knowing and having the real reasons to be proud - which you do! I'm really excited for you. I just watched your trailer - it's fun to see your vision! Keeping thinking big - it looks like your story would make a terrific movie. Best Wishes!

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