This morning I woke to a post from one of my dearest friends, Catherine.  I have to say this entire journey has been strange for me. For those of you out there, the writers out there, you know who you are, and my friend Catherine is one of them, when you finally get the courage and moxie to do the leg work and get your book out there, it can be a frightening experience.  
I told someone the other day, it felt as if I sent a photo of myself naked on the internet and social media.  Everytime someone texts me or emails me or tells me they ordered a copy I don't know how to react.  I guess the best word would be to say that I am. . . humbled.  
I took the road less traveled with my book.  After countless queries and rejections I went with self-publishing.  I was torn with this decision because I have always dreamed of receiving validation from the publishing world.  Finding an agent that truly believed in me and getting the representation I needed as a novice to go forth.  I have worked with a brilliant editor for years on The shoebox and The 8th Summer (my next book that is completed and waiting for publication) and my third book. (currently working on it)  Victoria Mixon (my editor) has brilliant insight and is incredibly talented and didn't discourage me on going the self-publishing route but I had my concerns.
Well, I guess the deciding factor was when one agent requested my entire manuscript.  That's when I knew I had to do something to protect my work.  I received a rejection from her, but the mere fact that she had in her hands my unprotected work chilled me to the bone.  Could she use it and change my name? Sure.  Was my work protected?  No.  I wasn't published, didn't have an ISBN # and my work wasn't copywrited.  
So I went with Abbott Press.  I am very happy with the end product and love my book so very much.  But there is that part of me that knows the attention it would have gotten immediately if it had been picked up by one of the established publishers.  Marketing alone would have been widespread.
So I have worked my hardest to spread the word, through facebook, twitter, my blog and word of mouth.  I'm even waiting for a reply from my local Barnes and Noble to consider my book for a book signing in the Spring.  But the truth is, that's all I can physically do.  The rest is up to fate.
So all this time that I have been struggling with this conflict of how to get published, I have, to my surprise received such support from so many.  Comments and emails, texts and phone calls from family and friends and it has made me feel truly grateful.  Maybe I did make the right decision.  
My friend Catherine posted today and gave me way too much credit than I would ever deserve.  She is a talented, incredible lady herself with many gifts (contributing editor of Country Living Magazine) and has a family that is loving and kind and extremely supportive.  Her blog's name was changed to" In the fields" but you are probably more familiar with the name A Country Farmhouse
I am so thankful for getting this far even if I didn't get there the way I had hoped for, and I am most thankful for friends.
Thank you to all my blogging followers for your kind words and for ordering my book. I truly am 


Windlost said...

Oh how exciting for you!! I need to read it!!!

Congrats....giant congrats.

xo Terri

Sue said...

I am excited for you Lisa and wish you all the success with your book. I haven't ordered mine yet, but it's on the "list".

Suzie Simplelife said...

First visit to your blog....I adore everything on here...congratulations on being published...I have been working on a novel for a number of years..attend a local writing group...I am so inspired reading your blog...best wishes you sound fabulous..


OMG......how exciting! Need to check it out:). Happy Weekend....sherry

Greta Wesslen said...

I found your blog and your book because of the post on "In the Fields." I just finished it, and it was fantastic. I purchased the Kindle edition, and I don't think the price is high enough! It is an excellent book. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story and wonderful talents with the world.

Lee said...

Want to thank you Greta, your comment made my day. Wanted to email you but don't know how.

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