I Think This Sofa Is Sexy! A Great Buy

So about 9 years ago I had my first taste at really buying furniture and entering the world of decorating.  My house was an eclectic mess.  I had remnants from one apartment and things from growing up and pieces from our first starter home.  It was multi colored to say the least.  I had no antiques, no pieces of any value just things I had collected here and there.  I did have some good Ikea things but once you are stationed one place and you know that is going to be home, you want to start searching for your things with a little more time and thought.  
Well when I bought my furniture for my formal living room I fell in love with a sofa that I found and immediately bought a set.  Did not think outside the box, did not take some time to look around, just bought them and boom my livingroom was done.  Over the years I have learned through looking at magazines, reading all of your blogs, spending time with my two designer friends and visiting lovely homes and memorizing all of Mary Carol Garrity Books that decorating ones home should be a process.  Making a house a home is an endless process and whether it is filled with priceless antiques or second hand reupholstered finds, one should take the time to make it your own.  
Well I found this lovely Ethan Allen camelback Queen Anne sofa that was in amazing condition.  The owner said his wife had purchased it and had used it for a few years and hardly ever sat in it.  It really looked great.  And the price was incredible so I immediately thought this would be the perfect solution to move things around in my formal living room and separate the "matching set look."
I would put my larger sofa in the barn for storage and use this once it is reupholstered.  I was thrilled when it fit right into our truck.  I already called my reupholster guy and he's coming over with swatches.  I think I'm looking at a low maintenance solid fabric in the creams and white family.  I am looking forward to seeing the transformation and will post as soon as I have it done.  
By the way the place I purchased it from is called Center Stage Antiques (Click on the link) in Mt Holly NJ and they deliver.  They have amazing pieces, antiques, Ethan Allen discontinued items, Eastlake furniture, Hepplewhite, lamps, chairs and tables.  Too much to believe and all in perfect condition.  


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

A sofa with great lines! Can't wait to see it in some pretty new fabric!

Ramon Valdez said...

What a great find lisa, I can not wait to see what this turns out like, it's funny you mentioned how it should take a long time to find a develop a home style, I just found that out the hard way, but that's how we learn.
Lovely find

Burlap Luxe said...

Oh, yes i too havé Côme àcross some great Ethan Allen pieces that I have up styled and then sold in my shop in town. Never a sofa...darn! But I have had chests and buffets. This is a very sexy curvy sofa and it will be great when it's completed.
You know you could even reupholster it making the cushions two instead of the three, giving the piece a more up dated feel and wider seat cushion for curling up on. The foam may need to be change out on your three cusions due to age and determination to the foam, or you just might want more body the the couture of wrapping the foam for a fuller look, cozy and comfey.

Are you planing to paint her sexy legs or just sand off some of her dark stain leaving the wood more natural and perhaps white wash them to look a bit weathered with age :)
I soooooo! Wish this were my find!....I would like to find a French style one for my kitchen pushing it up to a planked table.

Can't wait to see its end results, hope you find the right fabrics and low costin reupholstering it.
You could do what my mother and I did for her camel back sofa, ( country craftmem style) it was time to rid the buffalow check print, we bought 2 large painters cloth not the heavy painters canvas that are leak proof but the painters cloth ones, washed the fabric hot water running it through 3 times for major shrinkage and sizing thread count to the dry on high heat. It looks amazing in this fabric, mixing the white pillows and throws along with the oatmill tone of the painters cloth the cloths were like $20.00 plus each so for $40.00 plus dollars it was plenty to cover the whole sofa.
It sure beat pricey fabrics at minimum $10.00 a yard needing at least 18 yards.

I hope you let your sofa inspire the best.

Looking forward to seeing it when it's done.


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