A Perfect Find

 I went to Clover Market today, a lovely market of vendors in a lovely area outside of Philadelphia called Chestnut Hill.  I found this beauty.
 The woman who sold it to me told me it had been in her family and was over 100 years old.  She said it had all the original hardware.

 I think the hardware is my favorite.  But then again I love the top.
 I placed it in my foyer and it was perfect.  I liked it better than the table I originally had there.
 The legs are lovely and the wheels still are intact and work fine.
Although it is not a huge space I think it worked really well.  Love it!  So glad I found it.


Catherine Burke said...

Beautiful! xo

must love junk said...

What a gorgeous piece, and it looks perfect there! I also love your wicker tray...I've been looking for one like that! :)

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