New Beginnings

 Okay so before you get excited, these are not from my garden.  Although in about two days of sun they will be.  My peonies are ready to pop.  These are from my farmers market.  They are my favorite.
Okay I know I just said that about Lilacs the other day but I adore Peonies just as much.

Another Spring, a few weeks until Summer and so many new beginnings for me and my family.
Not only will I greet my new Peonies and flowers yet to come, but I will be having a graduation party in two weeks for my youngest.  Today was his last day as a Senior at his prep school.
I visited my mother yesterday and she was calm and looking really good.  Still confused but at peace which brought me peace.  I am embracing my new daily adventures in my home as a 48 year old woman who for the first time is not a caretaker.  It has been three weeks and as of yesterday I am starting to find peace and embrace the many possibilities of each day ahead.
In August I will have a bridal couple shower/bbq for my son and his fiancee and then a few weeks later  my husband and I will be driving to the beautiful Knoxville Tennessee to take my youngest to his new home for the next four years.  Then six weeks or so later my sons will be reunited again at home for the wedding of my first born.  I'm exhausted and excited just thinking about it.  So although there has been much sadness in my life the past few years, I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.
So with all the changes to come and new beginnings I decided to work on my new guest room.  (I don't need much of an excuse to redecorate)
So above is the new guest room.  The bed is an Ethan Allen bed that was discontinued years ago.  My friend KC has it and I loved it the minute I saw it in her bedroom.  Well I found it on Ebay a year ago and loved it ever since.
The sweet little marble top antique table is from my friend Amy's store.  The Settee is the one I had reupholstered a few years ago.
The color in the room is compliments of one of my best friends, Catherine from A Country Farmhouse. She told me about Benjamin Moore's Simply White when she had her home in Oregon.

Above is a mirror I have had for years.  I purchased it from a lovely little antique shop I frequent and was one of the many mirrors I have purchased.  I think I'm a mirror and table horder.  I can't see one and pass it up even if I don't need it at the moment.  
The plates on the far left are English plates given to me by my friend Susan who has a store as well.
(note to self:  Adjust the one on the right.  Tell Hubby)
I purchased the pretty french market basket years ago on a website that I can't recall.  I thought it looked pretty there.  And the wicker chair is from Pier one.  The beige afghan was made by my mother when she was well.
(Unfortunately my mom took one of the center hardware pieces of the dresser and we have no idea what she did with it.  I am meaning to go to my hardware store and putter around their knobs and handles to find something that will go well.

Above is a sweet painting I bought at my friend Amy's again. Something serene about the two sisters sorting the roses in the vase brought me much joy.  The beautiful curtains that I am so in love with are from TARGET.  I Know, I love them!  I must admit I don't love the lamp so much but I don't want to make a purchase if it's for a guest room that is rarely used.
The pretty bedspread is from Homegoods.  I adore matelasse bedspreads especially in white or cream.  I have at least 4 that I use consistently.  The linen fabric chair in the far left is from Ballards.  I like bedrooms to be simple.  Years ago when I had no clue, I cluttered and used fabrics that were busy and wallpaper and prints on curtains.  The very thought of it now makes me sick.  What was I thinking?  I think a bedroom should be quiet, quiet colors, quiet patterns, quiet theme.  White and cream and light blue are my favorite for bedrooms.  They bring tranquility and I think, help one relax and sleep better.
I also painted the hall bathroom with simply white as well.  I was very pleased with the end product.
When I first moved into this house I was looking for art work.  There was a local artist selling some of his paintings and I had bought this lovely still life of a bouquet of white roses because it had reminded me of one my dad had painted that had been damaged by a flood in our basement in our old house.
I purchased it with the intent of finding a perfect place for it.  I never did.  It wandered from room to room, placed on a shelf here or there or a small wall but I was never happy with it and eventually put it in storage.  Now it is on the wall of the guest bathroom and I really love it here.
There are changes we can't control, there are turns that we don't quite see coming in the road of life, but somehow if we pay attention to all the signs and trust, things eventually change and find their place.
To new beginnings!


Catherine said...

Beautiful! xo

chateau chic said...

Wow, lots of life changing things going on in your family, exciting things as well. Enjoy every moment!!
Mary Alice

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