Our Beach Gettaway

While I'm waiting for the sun to come out to photograph my garden peonies and other surprises I had forgotten to post about our weekend at our house at the beach.
 I hadn't been back since last August.  Being a full time caretaker of a parent takes every ounce of energy and leaves you nothing left.   I couldn't even think of going last minute anywhere.  This was a first for us, for me.  Although it was not beach weather, it was lovely in the low 70's and sunny.
We rode our bikes and took walks, and enjoyed the time away.
My hydrangeas are not out yet so I didn't take photos of the garden but next time I will. 
 This is the inside of the screened in porch.  It is simple but delightful to sit in at any time of the day or night.  My doggies sit with me and enjoy reaching up to look out the screens.
Surprisingly there were people on the beach and swimming even though it was too cool for me.  I could see Peter and Maddy walking along the beach in my mind.  (My Characters in my book)  The last time I was here my book had not been published yet.  It was a gift to walk on the beach and feel the cool sand on my feet and breathe in the sea air.  I gave thanks for my blessings.
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