The Garden Chronicles.

You are going to have to excuse my next few posts.  They are going to be about my garden.  I have to, it has been an endless period of waiting, waiting for an inch of green to burst out of the frozen ground.
It just started pouring and of course my peonies are just starting to open so of course that is not a good sign for them.  I must have about 200 waiting to open all around the house.  The lilacs are all gone now but there are more friends waking from their winter's slumber.  Take a look.

 Above was taken through the opening of the lattice fence of my perenial garden.  Can you see all the bulbs peeking up.  I always imagine them when they are about to open as tons of little children all giggling together in excitement.

Tomorrow I will hopefully take more photos of other colored peonies that is if the rain doesn't damage them tonight.  Also wait until you see how many rose buds I have getting ready to open too.
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