Pretty Find.

About a month and a half ago I visited one of my favorite little find stores called Tis Herself.  There was a lovely Chippendale small honey colored dresser that I fell in love with but honestly had no room in my house for another piece of furniture. My rooms are small and not alot of places in the two hallways to put much so I really had no place for it.  I was so in love with it and kept thinking of it even weeks after.  My friend is in the process of possibly moving and I immediately thought she would love it.  I guess I loved it so much if I couldn't have it I had to find someone who could make a home for it.
Even after telling her about it and suggesting if she wanted it I would hold it for her I still imagined it in my home.
Well a few nights ago I was talking to my husband about my guest room and how we have no need for the large dresser that sits in it.  He told me we could take it out and put it in out barn for storage until we decided on possibly using it or selling it.  I then thought of the sweet dresser I had seen and suggested making a swap from a large to a much smaller piece.  He actually agreed and I was thrilled.
So I brought it home the day before yesterday.  Take a look.
 I love the detail in the carvings and the hardware.
Below is my favorite painting that was actually in my bathroom by Abbott Fuller Graves.
Believe it or not, Target had a series of Abbot Fuller Graves reproductions for a short period of time for 99 dollars a few years back.  I purchased two. They came in these lovely frames.  I literally was in shock when they came in the mail.  The stores didn't have any but they carried the series online.  My friend purchased two as well.  I only wish I could have purchased more instead of just the two.  My other one hangs in my bathroom in my shore house.  
I thought it added the finishing touch.  


Windlost said...

What a charming dresser and beautiful painting. I love it when a space comes together like this. :)

Thanks for your sweet comment. You're an angel.
xo Terri

Thoughts for the day said...

beautiful, both picture and dresser. Good job.

Thoughts for the day said...

beautiful, both picture and dresser. Good job.

Melissa said...

OH, you have a shore house? Have we seen pictures of it?

Catherine said...

Perfect for your home xo

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