There are some who complain about routines.  The mundane and ordinary parts of ones day or life.  The things you have to do and do often.  I guess there are those who constantly like to be on the move and experience different things every day.  I honestly can say that I am not one of them.  
For those that follow my blog you know I have had alot of changes recently and all at one time.  
With my mother having to be placed in a dementia facility, and my youngest going away to the deep south for College and my oldest only 103 days until his wedding, there is alot to get used to.
I don't like change, not one bit.  Although for some it can feel exciting and thrilling, I have never been a thrill seeker.
This past week I traveled over 2000 miles by car.  We went to Tennessee for orientation, then to Boston and back home.  So many new things all happening at once and although it has all been wonderful, it has been alot all at once.
That is where I find that routines can become rather healing and helpful.
My roses have suffered a great deal from my recent power washing mishap.  They slowly have dried and become sickly.  I have worked hard to nurse them back.  That takes time and many hours in the sun.  From fertilizing, to disease resistant sprays to the most grueling task of cutting the dead heads one by one at the proper point so they can rebloom.  
Now remember I have a wedding in 103 days here and although it will be in October, I am trying to work the roses into two more blooms before then or possibly three.
I spent four hours on two different ladders, this one and then a 7ft ladder trying to reach the dead heads on the top of the trellis.  I spent hours doing nothing but cutting and getting scratched by the many thorns.  But in all that time I concentrated on my roses.  I didn't think about guilty feelings with my mom, (the feelings that tend to torture me at night) nor did I think of the bittersweet moments I will experience taking the drive again to Knoxville to take my son to school, and I didn't stress about how much I had to prepare the house and the grounds for the wedding or how I would miss my oldest as he enters the new chapter in his life, husband and eventually fatherhood. 
There is so much sometimes on my mind that I can't hear myself think.  And it's in the laundry and hanging up my sheets outside on a sunny day, or planning dinner, cleaning my house or tending to my garden, that I find time to de-stress and clear my mind of worrying.  
So there is a reason for enjoying a simple routine.  Routines are ordinary, normal and simple, a fixed path one takes where you can count on predictability and little change.  And in a time where my life is turning a full 360 degrees and change overwhelmes my every thought, I welcome a day of a fixed schedule and simple tasks that follow a routine, a familiar road I miss in this crazy journey I'm about to embark.  


Dori at The Red Feedsack said...


Yep. I had a funny feeling we had some similar personality traits! I LOVE routine. Thrive on it. Andrea and I said once that people must think we are really weird because we love to clean house and do laundry!!! :-) It probably isn't the chores that we love so much but rather the routine of the comfortable and the familiar. I could really relate to your blog post. I've been in all three of those situations before... mother (in-law) in a home with dementia, child leaving for college, other child getting married..... BIG changes. And yes, it all hits at night doesn't it?! Do you make lists too? If so, you probably have about 4 different ones going at once! (Speaking from experience!) Hope your Tennessee trip was awesome. - Dori -

Marilyn said...

Routine means a sense of security to me, especially when things seem to be spinning out of control.

I think we all need that reassurance that some things do remain constant.

Marilyn (in Dallas)

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