Somethings Gotta Give.

Is there a rule that when something is given another is taken away?  It seems to be the rule lately in my life.  I wish and hope for something and when I get it something goes wrong or happends that overshadows the other.
I posted about my roses in the post Anticipation.  I was so excited to see them open.  Well a few weeks ago we had a power washing company come and power wash our house.  Our house is white, the garden fence is white, our decking is white, everything around our home is white and therefore needed power washing.  I was clear about my concern for my plants and their safety.  Well the guys that came were not the same that came last year.  I don't know if they were not told about my concerns and I was caught by surprise the day they came.  I failed to reiterate how my plants were the primary concern.
Well whatever they used damaged all my peonies and a few hydrangeas, my butterfly bushes and well you guessed it, my roses on my trellis.
So as much as there were buds the stems and leaves have crumbled to appear burnt and crisp and the roses that have opened seem weak and droopy.  The excessive rain is not helping either.  So  I spent this weekend cutting out everything that was burnt.  I thinned out so much. I'm so sick to see it how parts of it look weak or burnt.  But I promised you pics so here they are.

 Although the photos look pretty from far, I can assure you my rose bush has suffered from the chemical.  I put some miracle grow in the soil today.

The front porch garden is doing alot better.  My New Dawn and Constance Spry are on the trellis although my Constance Spry (David Austin rose) is slow in coming.  It hasn't done well in the past 3 years.

The three roses in the front are Knock Out Roses, although they look lovely, they don't smell.  I normally don't like Knock outs, I love the tea roses that are so fragrant and of course the climbing roses.


Brenda said...

Your roses look lovely to me.I am totally intimidated by roses; they seem really difficult to grow, but yours are amazing! Sorry your power washers didn't get the memo about the flowers:(

Windlost said...

Your garden is stunning! Remind me where you are again? You have a wonderful growing season from the looks of it - my roses are about 10% this size. Haha. How upsetting that the company made a mess of your garden. I'd provide some, ahem, "feedback" to them pronto. Ugh...you shouldn't have to go into salvage mode in your garden after having your house washed down. Yeesh! Unacceptable. If they can't do it without damaging your garden, they should say so clearly. What a pain.

xo Terri

awal.ny said...

I love your roses, just beautiful. I know what you mean by they look good in pictures but not close up, I have that problem w/roses. I have been trying to mix my regular climbing roses with wild roses. I hope your gardens turn out beautifully for the wedding. Alaina

steve carty said...

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