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Here I am today, on the beach in this beautiful sun, being still.  I read a bit and just stared out at the glorious ocean and sand.  I am here.  This is where I am.  I have no small children to care for like the women I see all around me running after their sand filled two feet tall little versions of themselves with their buckets and shovels in hand.  I am not thinking about traveling or college or what I might be, those days have passed. I'm just here.  So I am holding on to this moment in my life.  This moment of stillness.  Appreciating and being thankful that my youngest is acclimating to his new environment, that my oldest is about to marry and that my life is radically changing.  
But in the meantime, I am going to sit with that awhile.  
I think there is a numbness you feel when the tidalwaves of tears have settled and you somehow develop a panoramic view of your life.  
I am thankful.  I wanted to document this day, this moment, so that I can come back to it when things get crazy again.  A week at the beach is just the right medicine, just the right time before everything changes.  
So that once I'm home I will be able to hold on to that as I begin my lists, and countdowns and preparations.  I am focusing on the happiness to come.  My son's visits home, my homestead  transformed for a wedding and all the fun in between. (And don't worry, I am prepared to document every moment for my wedding posts.)
Thank you for reading, commenting and being my hideaway.
Lee (a.k.a Lisa)


Catherine said...

A wonderful moment captured. xo

Marilyn said...

Beautifully written. May you enter this new phase of your life with grace and confidence.

Marilyn (in Dallas)

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