15 Days

Only Fifteen days left and my life will change.
Only Fifteen days and my oldest will be a husband to the most wonderful and sweet girl I know.
Only 14 days left and we will all be reunited once again.  My youngest will be home from Tennessee.
Only 13 days and the Tent will be built.  
Today I made my pies and froze them.
I gathered pumpkins.
I baked pumpkin loafs that filled my house of with the sweetest smell of Autumn.
Today was a glorious day.  The sun is streaming down as we speak.  Temps are close to 80 degrees.
And I made my lists.  (Yes Dori I did!)  I'm a notorious list maker and my husband hates it.  But it's the elementary teacher in me, the type A (maybe type A minus personality not a full type A)
Perhaps it's from watching too much Martha in the early 90's, not totally sure.  My friend Catherine and I always joke about how she ruined us because the standards she set were so high we strive for them and sometimes it can be unrealistic.  But we still try.  Hee hee.

Thinking of doing this by my mailbox towards the front of my long driveway.
So many things to do, so little time.  But I have high hopes for the weather, the day and the process in the next few days.
All the silver has been polished.  (Never want to see that much silver again.)
Now we wait.  Wait for the days to come, for time to tell what that special day will bring.  I promise once the tent arrives and we begin I will post every night of the process and results.  
Thanks for your comments and well wishes.  Keep them coming.  xoxo


Marilyn said...

I love the wedding sign. It's both charming and helpful to those unfamiliar with the area. I know it would make me smile!

I can't wait to see how it all comes together.

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Pat Howe said...

love the wedding sign...thanks for sharing...can't for more pic...pat

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