A Farmhouse Wedding by a City Girl in a Country Home.

When I first set eyes on my future home I felt a familiarity as I walked the grounds around the old colonial. (Above is photo after we put in the portico, before the extended porch)
There was something there that beckoned me, telling me that the house was meant for us and we were meant for it.
My husband reminded me that when I walked on the property in the back I said "I could see a wedding here."  (And truly in my mind I could see a white tent, lights and music and candles, plenty of candles.)

In just 24 days my vision will become a reality.  (God willing)
In 20 days the Tent will be erected in the back of our property. 
So I decided to do a before post.  I promise to do a posting of each stage.  So in twenty days I will be posting about the set up and details.
My basement looks like a store filled with treasures.

Since we are doing alot of the work ourselves we have gathered all our best china, glasses, candelabras, candlesticks, you name it.  The Mother of the groom, myself and my sweet friend and designer Susan have shared all their treasures with us for the day. Even my dear friend Mary Carol Garrity has lended a hand giving Tim and Liddy a wonderful gift of her wreath that she actually used for her daughter's wedding.  (See her book "Stylish Weddings")
How lucky am I to have such wonderful ladies in my life.  Take a look at our inventory.

Milk glass and crystal, silverware and china have all been gathered to be polished and made to sparkle for the big day.  Some to hold food and some to hold flowers.  
 Can you see the bar set up in the patio?  Lights on the pergola and hordevours being served?
We finally removed the gravel left from the building of the barn a few years ago.  The sod is being watered twice a day.  My fingers are crossed.

My son's new furniture is being stored in here for his apartment.  Can you just see the arbor built with lights from the beams?
 This Amish built farmhouse table that was built just for me is waiting to hold flowers and candles and be placed by the very spot where vows will be exchanged.  Can you see it draped in a flowy white fabric?

And this sweet old picnic table given to me by my sweet neighbor and friend Belinda and her husband Mike. It was made by Mike's father.  One day as they were cleaning out their barn I saw it and fell in love.  When I asked them what plans they had for it they told me they didn't really have a need for it and so when I told them I admired it from afar and would love to buy it from them they told me I could have it.  I love this table.  It has seen many games played on it, has seen many parties and many wonderful occasions.  Now it will see a wedding.  Can you see it happily holding a lovely lantern and a few pumpkins and maybe some happy mums?  
I can.  
More to come. . . 


Ramon Valdez said...

Oh my lord Lisa. What a great teaser, I am anxiously waiting the next update, you must be giddy inside with all the joy and pleasure that must be throwing your sons wedding in your own back yard..... Blessings friend.

Brenda said...

I am looking forward to each and every post about the wedding. It looks as if everything is coming together.

Marilyn said...

This wedding is going to be breathtaking! The love, the care and thought that is going into each and every detail is amazing.

Your son and soon -to- be- DIL, will be surrounded by love on their very special day!

Anxiously awaiting more pictures. :-)

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Dori at The Red Feedsack said...


This is so exciting!!! I can't wait to see more pictures and details. WOW, you've been busy! :-) Are you doing the flower arrangements? This is fun following along! - Dori -

Sue said...

It's going to be lovely Lisa.
Can't wait to see the wedding take shape. You do have the perfect location for it that's for sure.
Have fun!

Kasandra said...

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