Just a Glimpse

So the man of my dreams did something so wonderful this week.  I'll tell you about it after I tell you what my husband did.  Just kidding.  They are both the same person!
So my hubby made this arbor with the bride's dad.  

 It's still not finished but it will be wrapped in vines and flowers.
 This morning I had another surprise.  Look at my roses smiling for a picture.

There is alot to do and this weekend will be filled with hopefully crossing out items on my list.  I will be taking photos as things happen and post as soon as I can.  Please sent positive wishes and thoughts for Oct 11 for a rain free day.  That's all I ask.  It will be very difficult if it rains.  But it's all out of my control.  So I post with hope and wish you all peace and joy.  Thanks for you comments and following me in my little hideaway.


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