What Is Left?

It has been 13 days since my son's wedding.  Almost all has been put away, back in it's usual place.  All the items borrowed have been returned safely to their owners and thankfully none were broken.  Tim and Liddy returned from their honeymoon yesterday afternoon tired and thankful to be home after their lovely trip and anxious to move in to their apartment today and this weekend.  Yes I will be helping them move.
So now I'm officially an empty nester.  My youngest is away in college and my oldest is married and as my husband continues to run his business 100 miles away in NYC, I have alot of time on my hands.  Went to my first job interview since the 90's a few days ago.  Trying to reinvent myself.
While I'm still querying my agents, and waiting for that bite for my second novel to be published and currently working on my third, I would love to have a job that can occupy my time and at the same time do something that I enjoy in the interim while I anxiously await the trips home from my youngest from Tennessee.
Ideally I would love to open my own small store and sell the Nell Hill Line.  Anything and everything Mary Carol Garrity.  How fun would that be.  But financially I couldn't do it alone.  So in the meantime I am looking for a design store that can use my help.

It's different now.  Everything seems different.  After being with my sons at all times when they weren't in school or at work, now it will take some adjusting.  The house is quiet all the time.  I find myself trying to find more projects (which is a warning for all of you in my same boat, suddenly you feel like remodeling and redecorating every nook and cranny.)

So for now, what is left? My walks,
I have resumed my afternoon hikes, sometimes alone and sometimes with a friend.
The grass didn't suffer too much damage.  Those lines are actually the sun's rays.
 Except for a few brown patches all looks well.
 A few remnants of the wedding.  Pumpkins and still things to put away.
 I kept my lit branches in places to light up during the holidays.

 Strangely enough, Hydrangeas are still blooming.
 My roses have gotten a second wind.

 A few survivors.  Leftover limelight highdrangeas that remained on the plant and were not cut for the centerpieces or the barn arbor garland.
 An empty back yard.
 Below you can still see the dreamcatcher that the bride made hanging on the tree.

Above my little Rudy, he constantly looks for my boys.  He can't understand why they are not home playing with him.

And leaves. . . plenty of leaves.


Catherine said...

Beautiful pictures of your gorgeous property. Wish I could join you on one of your walks. xoxo

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Would love to join you on one of your walks. I would love to be able to carry more of her product. I run up to Nell Hill's as often as I can now to get my fix. fondly ~lynne~

Gina said...

Your property is beautiful! I am in my third year of empty nesting and absolutely love it!! But I can imagine that if my husband were away I would be very lonely. Fortunately, my son works in my town so stops in for lunch almost every week day so I love my 20 minute visits with him. :) God takes us through different seasons and He teaches us, grows us and shapes us into His instruments!! We just have to be open to Him, don't we? :)

Marilyn said...

Wishing you all the best as you enter this new phase of life.

Your home and grounds are lovely. I, too would love to join you on one of your walks.

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Windlost said...

Hi Lisa! just posted a comment on the wedding!!! How beautiful!!!! I saw your comment about Ellen. She sounds like a wonderful gal and so glad you had her help and a representative from Alberta. Haha.
You will feel an empty lull for a while. So much planning and devotion leaves one so empty when it's over. Good luck figuring out your next steps. I think you'd love working in some type of design or decor shop. I would!! Even a few hours a week. I wish I didn't have to work but you know it can also be lonely with the time alone on your hands. I pray you find interesting things in this next phase. Have you thought about volunteering somewhere? With teens maybe? I don't know why I thought of that but you seem like such a loving mother and someone who could help lost teens with support and love. I always wanted to volunteer with teen girls or seniors who are stuck in their homes. But with work and headaches I can't really find as much time as I'd like. But it's on my buckets list. Xoxo terri

Brenda said...

Your property is lovely!

I hope you find something to fulfill your need to be creative.

I love to visit Nell Hill's in Kansas City when we go down there to visit our son and his family. I'm so lucky that he only lives about 15 minutes away from the store, and he loves going there too.

Lee said...

Thank you lovely ladies.

Dori at The Red Feedsack said...

Lisa, your pictures are just lovely - your yard is so gorgeous. I'm sure you are feeling so lonely. I hate that empty nest feeling. Thinking of you. - Dori -

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