A New Room

Another Anniversary is here.  Tomorrow my husband and I will be married 26 years on Guy Fawks Day.  
Hard to believe all this time has gone by.  My son is already going on three weeks married.  Unbelievable to me.  
So my sweet husband took me for a long weekend away.  We stayed at a lovely inn, one of our favorites and we had the best dinners and a lovely ride and enjoyed each others company and the company of our sweet friends.  My birthday is on the 12 of this month as well and I was surprised by the loveliest gathering and lunch during my visit.  
The weekend was perfect.
(Below my husband.  It's the only way I can photograph him, he does not enjoy being photographed)

A magnificent Halloween day.  Look at those colors.
After a weekend away I'm back home and the wheels are turning.  My married son's room is about to be restored.  After almost twenty years of growing up in a room, bouncing baseballs against the wall, basket balls, hockey sticks, soccer balls, nail marks, atleast 5 coats of different color paint layers, poster residue, hooks that although they claim are easy to come off and non damaging to the walls really are, are all about to be sanded and taped and made new again.
So if you've ever looked at a pottery barn catalog or rented a cottage in a charming town for vacation, you have probably seen a photo or been in one of those charming rooms where there are always two matching antique beds with the patchwork quilts and comfy blankets.  My husband thinks I'm a bit strange for wanting to do this to my son's room but I am.
So I found these lovely matching beds.
I thought they were so so beautiful.  
I'm excited to begin.  There will be painting involved and alot of spackle to get the room the way I see it but all good things take some time.
Yesterday I found the prettiest bench along with these matching quilts.  It was a very productive day.
 Above is the bench.  It was perfect in my tiny foyer.  And below are the twin quilts.  Aren't they lovely.  I washed them on a delicate cycle and now they are ready for the beds when the beds arrive.
 Below a shot of each.  I paid fifty for each.  You can't beat that!

Once the room is complete I will do a post on it.  Also waiting for some wedding photos from the photographer to post.  xoxo Lisa


Gina said...

I can totally relate to you wanting twin beds with quilts!! I have tons of pictures with them "pinned" on my Pinterest because I want to do the same thing!! My son is out of the house but not married yet so I'll wait. Oh, and I don't have grandchildren yet but I want it to be the grandchildren's room. :) How nice to have taken a long weekend away! Sounded perfect. :)

mary george said...

Can't wait to see this room completed, I love the simplicity of the blue and white quilts, what a find!


Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

It's going to be AWESOME!

I have a guest bedroom with matching metal beds and I love it.

So I totally GET YA! : - )

Happy Anniversary.
Happy (early) Birthday!
And best wishes for your son & bride.

Dori at The Red Feedsack said...

Lisa, How fun is that going to be? And I LOVE those bed frames. The quilts will look positively beautiful on them. Are they hand quilted? They are just lovely. Can't wait to see the finished product. How nice that you got a weekend away! - Dori -

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

The beds you found are really pretty. It must be kind of bittersweet re-doing his room. Looks like a great spot for "grandkids" to spend the night though!

Keeping It Cozy said...

Happy Anniversary! Looks like you had a lovely weekend away - what beautiful fall colors! I absolutely love the beds, bench and quilts. It's going to be gorgeous!

Marilyn said...

I love when you post outdoor pictures, especially during the Fall. It brings back happy childhood memories (colorful leaves, quaint historic homes etc.) of growing up in Upstate NY.

I love the look you're going for, too, and those quilts (especially) are gorgeous.

Marilyn (in Dallas)

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