Finishing Touches

I had ordered some artwork and a chair from Joss and Main.   I wanted the art work to signify that in this room a boy was raised and here he grew and became a man with his mother's help of course.  So even if my son taunts me and jokes that I erased his presence because I redecorated his room, I wanted to put reminders of what the room was and whose it was.  
I also ordered this chair after I fell in love with my friend Catherine's toile wing chair which I like to call the most incredible find.  When I saw it I couldn't get over that someone had let it go.  So after that I was on a mission.  I was in search of a toile wing chair.  I searched on Etsy and Ebay and all the neighborhood antique stores but nothing.  And then Joss and Main had this chair.  The Riley Chair.  Now it's not what I truly wanted but something about it stood out and gave me a home, charming and comforting feeling.  I also loved that the print had images of Philadelphia.  Since we live in Pennsylvania I thought it was perfect.  

 Although the chair is modern it does have an antique look which I loved.  Notice the legs.  They have wheels.
 Below is the artwork I ordered from Art.com.  The best website ever.  Pardon the reflection of my flash.  This one is a mother and son painted by Renoir.    I always like to pick subjects with dark hair since I have dark hair.
 Below the second print I purchased was a mother and son from Mary Cassatt
 Oddly Mary Cassette could not have children of her own but most of her paintings have a mother and son subjects.
 I had plain pottery barn curtains in cream for this room but I love these printed curtains that my friend and told me about and I have had them for along time and still love them.
 And even though the chair has a print I don't think it competes with the curtains.  The quilts on the bed have touches of blue in their patchwork.  I like that the blue in the chair and on the quilts is faded and soft.
I had my first overnight guests the night of my christmas party.  My friend's sons stayed in this room and the smallest of the two brothers who is 5 said when asked how he liked the bed , he responeded with a smile a yawn and a deep breath that put him right to sleep before I could even say goodnight.
So at the end of the day I am pleased with my choices.


Kim said...

Love the new chair.

Suzie said...

I believe you mean Mary Cassatt.

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