The End Of A Year And Promises For The New

As I look at these two photos I realize that the girl in each of the photos is not very different even though there is a  thirty-something years difference between them.  The girl on the left is me at I think age 10 or so.  And the one on the right is me at my Christmas party just a few weeks ago at 49.  I realized there are things that have not exactly changed.

Then Me:                                                                   Now Me:

10 year old is afraid of the dark.                              I'm afraid of not knowing where I'm going.
Believes in Santa                                                     Believes in Santa
Wants to be a good wife and mother                       Hopes she's been a good wife and mother
Excited about the future                                          Wonders about the future
Wants to do something great.                                  Wants to live a peaceful and great life
Fearless  and without worry                                    Fear and worry are part of my normal day
Spins around in her room trying to change             Realizes she is not and can never be WWoman.
into wonder woman.
Wants to do so many things.                                    Wishes she could have done so much more.

The end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 brings me to a stage I have never been at.
But I am facing it with peace in my heart and a positive outlook.  Although I am going to be saying goodbye to my son in a few days as he goes back to school I know I will see him soon and a few college breaks where he can come home or we can go there are right around the corner.
I am filled with hope and excitement for my store and what new experiences it will bring.  I will be a store owner in 2015.  I already have things planned in my head for the different seasons and am already planning my store's floor plan with my daughter-in-law.    Also looking forward to attending the trade show in January and working on inventory.
I'm hopeful about finding an agent that's just right for me and am committed to finishing my third novel before the Spring and before the store opens.
So with a new haircut, (it's awful so I won't be posting photos for a while) a new year and some hope I am saying goodbye to a bittersweet year and welcoming a new one.

I wish you all a positive, healthy, peaceful and joyous New Year.   May you be blessed.


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

This year has been one of ups and downs so many changes. I'm excited for you to start you new business, I wish I were going to Atlanta, I've scheduled a trip to see my daughter and grands at the same time, so yet another opportunity will pass me by. Keep me in mind with vendors always looking for new ones. This past season has been one of my best,I'm ready for the challenge of 2015 with a strong heart. All the best my friend. Happy New Year. Lynne

Catherine Burke said...

My dear Lisa, You are such a beautiful writer. I love this post and am so excited for all that will come to you this New Year. Much love, Catherine

Dori at The Red Feedsack said...

Dear Lisa, I really loved this post and the way you expressed yourself. It was lovely. I'm excited for you and so anxious to follow along in your new adventure of your shop this year! Also, I love the pictures you put on your banner and that they are all your house and property (except for the truck). You have the most amazing home. Hugs to you and Happy New Year! - Dori -

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