Tis The Season

Tis The Season: To be Thankful
To acknowledge your blessings
To share what you have with others
To appreciate
And to . . . . . . . . . . DECORATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have decided to go all out!  Maybe it's because my son will be coming home from college and I want him to find the house more beautiful than ever in his honor.  Maybe it's because my son and his wife will be coming over and I want to make it festive for them.  Who knows!  All I know is I want it to feel magical.  A friend asked me the other day what my theme was.  I changed things up this year but the one thing I can't hide is that I totally copied Mary Carol with her signature Christmas tree in an urn look.
Take a look and see.

I placed the Nell Hill's Tree inside an urn.  (The tree is only the top part and middle. I didn't put the bottom part on.)  

My foyer is so tiny.  But I don't let it discourage me from adding a little seating and a slim tree to add a magical feel as one enters through the front door.  (For the MCG fans who have been to her house, I was going for her foyer look with her white chair but in a smaller scale, much smaller.)

Behind the Bethelehem lights tree from QVC that I bought after watching Lisa Robertson for two hours at 12:30 at night because my husband was away and I could get to sleep, is the mirror I bought in the sweet little store, Back Porch Merchantile in Tennessee last weekend.
 Above the Bethlehem tree is filled with oversized pinecones.  Some have been dipped in glue and glitter for an added shine.  But I didn't want to fill the foyer with heavy ornaments.  I wanted it to be just a greeter, to set the tone for the guest, the house and the celebration.
 Above, my masculine tree in my husband's study.  It is covered with owls and twig garland and wonderful forest creatures.  Last year I used a plaid ribbon to make a garland this year I went with less is more.  I used the ribbon on the mantle.
Above my white tree which every year I say I'm going to retire but then change my mind.  Only because it is the hardest and longest to put up.  It is filled with crystals almost on each branch and it has the most ornaments.    Then behind it in the sun room I have another tree with just lights and pinecones.
There are some trees that just look lovely with lights and maybe just a few little bunches of faux greens to fill in the holes.  Not every tree needs to be jeweled and bedazzled and covered in ornaments.  At least that's what I think.  Each room has a mood, a feel and a tree should take that into consideration.    So if your in a formal room then that should be the most fomal tree.  A small tree in a childs room or a study maybe shouldn't be covered in crystals and glass balls.
Hope you are enjoying decorating and changing it up a bit this year.  Try to make your decorating fun and try new things so that it's not always the same.  Remember, tis the season to make things magical!


Julie @ Creating This Life said...

Beautiful...just beautiful! Can you tell me what the paint color is in the room with the piano in it? I'm looking to do something similarly dark and dramatic in one of my rooms, which also happens to be our library/piano room.

Lisa said...

The color is nell hills twilight. My fav. Contact the nell hills store for more info.

Junkchiccottage said...

Just stunning. So beautiful.

Catherine Burke said...

Beautiful as always xo

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