Another Mary Cassatt Framed Print, A Girl With Sad Eyes

I saw her face and couldn't resist.  When I was a little girl people always called me the little girl with the sad eyes because I had really dark circles under my eyes.  (I still do)  When i saw her in her sweet little straw hat and her little jumper with her sad expression I though she is perfect for my upstairs hallway.  With the other two prints in my son's old room I thought this would complete the upstairs.  

 Who could resist that face?  She is on the left in the photo below.  Across is a vintage print I found at one of my local antique stops.  It is a lovely victorian woman sitting in a lovely settee.  I have a motherhood theme upstairs with the prints in my bedroom too. The staute on the marble topped table against the wall is a mother and child statue.  My mother was given that when I was just a baby and I inherited it.  Maybe someday my son will read this and realize that although I changed his bedroom after he married and made it a guest room, being a mother is the single most important thing in my life and in my opinion my greatest accomplishment.  It really defines me.  I don't care how 1950's that sounds.  I am proud to be a mother. 


LL Farm said...

I totally agree with your comment about motherhood. Being a mom is my most important thing also. It is who I am and what I do! Is there a story to the sad girl print?

Lee said...

Will try to find out if there is a story.

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