I was inspired yesterday during a conversation with one of my dearest friends.  She was making dough for pizza and I immediately thought of the bread I had over the holidays.  Our son's inlaws have the best bread recipe ever that was a grandmother's favorite.  Well on such a cold wintery day I thought what would be better than to find an old fashioned bread recipe that was fairly easy and make a few loafs.  
I found one here, in this book that was too easy to believe.  Love the photos, the instructions are quick and easy to follow and the ingredients were simple.

I'm a bit lazy to list everything so if there is something you can't see from the instructions below please let me know.
This was the bread waiting to rise.
I used my convection oven instead of doing it on regular bake and was amazed at how quickly the bread was ready.  The recipe says 40 minutes but honestly it was more like 30 for convection.  
Lovely and very beautiful.  Now a little hint:
When they were ready to bake after I took the plastic off I touched one of them.  The one that I touched quickly sunk down.  The other one stayed perfectly plump.  So remember: Don't touch the bread before putting it in the over the second and final time it rises!
Take a look.

The one on the bottom is the one I touched and stuck my fingers in the dough as soon as I took the plastic off before baking.  I also cut a slice to make sure it was baked.  Look at the first one how lovely.  I am so thrilled with this bread and I took a bite and it tastes delicious.  So happy with this recipe.  Try it I know you will love it and so so easy.  


Gina said...

Nothing like warm home baked bread fresh out of the oven especially on a cold winter's day! I love baking bread. :) It's really pretty easy if you get the hand of it. ;) I have accidently touched it and deflated it too. :P

Veronica Roth said...

I've been thinking lately about baking bread. I used to do it all the time but somehow the habit faded. Homemade bread is really the best, isn't it? Bet the deflated loaf still tasted better than anything. :D

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