What A Find!

I had a vision for the store.  Amidst the white walls and mantle with just the right amount of sweet finds that will help make a house a home (my tag line), I saw a mirror, not just any mirror but an antique rather large gilt mirror with a presence that makes a statement.  I have always had a love for mirrors, especially old ones, stunning ones, ones that don't need anything else around them to make you say wow.  My favorites are usually gold and have unique qualities and touches.  The mirror in my vision was not one to sell but one to stand alone, to create depth to the small space and to bring drama and a magical quality.  I searched etsy, ebay, craigs list and all the antique stores I usually go to and . . . nothing. 
Until . . . my husband and I took a drive to a nearby antique gallery that was once an old church.  
Oddly enough it was my first time walking inside.  I barely crossed the threshold when a few feet away against an old stone wall, I saw my vision, my mirror.  About 7 and a half feet tall and heavy as can be the old mirror stood magnificently grabbing my attention immediately.  There is something mysterious and magical about mirrors.  Perhaps it dates back to old fairy tales like Snow White as a child where the queen chanted "mirror mirror on the wall, whose the fairest of them all?"  
The gentleman who helped me told me he was going to email me the info about the year and make of the mirror but for now it sits in my home until it finds it's new home in my store.  I love it and feel like I'm in a fairy tale everytime I look into it.  
Until I find out more about it I can't help but wonder not about whose the fairest of them all but who might have looked into that mirror before me and who was the first to look into it and how are we all connected. . . 


Connie said...

Gorgeous find . . . are you sure you want to put it in your store. I think that I would get it in the house and never want it to leave:)
Come on over and help me celebrate my three year blogging birthday with a Give-A-Way.
Connie :)

LL Farm said...

Beautiful mirror. That antique store that was a church....WOW!

angie said...

very nice pictures !!! I love the mirror !!! a happy new year !!! everything from love angie

Junkchiccottage said...

What a great find. I have been to the church antique store and I find some of the best stuff in there too. So happy you got such a good treasure. It looks beautiful.

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