Kingston Pike In Knoxville, Tennessee

Having a son living in Knoxville for college has given me plenty of opportunities to tour the area.  For those of you who don't know there is a road called Kingston Pike in Knoxville that I would like to call the Antique and fine decor Mecca.  Everytime I come (here now) I am giddy about taking the ride down the strip and stopping in street after street and store after store filled with antiques both high end and regular vintage finds.  
Bearden Antique Mall is one of the stops.  Find them on Facebook.  Here are a few things I stopped to photograph.  Truly lovely.  With a little work they would be lovely additions to any home.
The old building like warehouse has two floors filled with furniture, antique mirrors and lovely decor.  

That's me taking the photo of the mirror for my friend Catherine.    This mirror was 395.
Above another lovely find.  I didn't buy any I just took photos.
Below is a photo as I'm going up the stairs of the warehouse.  So much to see.
Now I did buy one thing. . . Not just any thing.
I saw it and it truly made me stop. Isn't she lovely.
I was reminded of Mary Carol Garrity's lake house and how she has that lovely wall filled with a variety of painted portraits.  She truly stole my heart and I though I have to have her.  The painting was 75 dollars, a real painting not a print with a shellac coating.  It is signed by the painter but hard to read.
When I brought her up to the counter even the ladies at the store were intrigued.  I am so happy that I bought her.  Off to a basketball game with my husband and son!


Lori said...

Love the picture you found! I live outside of Knoxville and work on Kingston Pike a bit west of Bearden, but have never been to that antique mall. I will change that immediately! Thanks for sharing--my mom would love to go too. She said years ago she went with friends to many antique stores in Knoxville in "the old city"--which is right in the downtown area--not sure if they are still there, but might be worth checking into for your next visit.

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh Lori there are tons. I'm surprised at you living here and not exploring. There must be more than fifteen or twenty. Google Kingston pike antique stores and then take some notes. So exciting. Happy shopping!

Gina said...

Gosh, it's been years since I have shopped in Knoxville. I live in Southwest Virginia so it was easier to shop there than most cities in Virginia but once our daughter went to college in Charlottesville and then moved to Northern Virginia we never went south anymore. Now, I want to check it out. Maybe this summer. :)

chateau chic said...

Love the painting you bought. When something speaks to you, you've got to get it or that's all you'll think about. Hope you'll show us where you hang it.
Mary Alice

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