Life As A House

These days as I wander through my quiet house, no music being played on the piano or guitars wailing from the basement, no banging of feet rushing up and down the stairs by my sons, I exhale as I stare at the still rooms that once were filled with boys, and soccer balls and baseball mits and legos.  I will be honest, I hate it!  Every corner of my home has a memory and a story.  It's impossible not to be in each room and imagine one or both of my sons occupying a place in it.
But thankfully my youngest is home from school for breaks and will eventually be home for the summer and my married oldest visits a few times a week.  I'm trying to look at the glass half full if you understand.  So in the interim of opening of the store and waiting for summer and waiting to be discovered by a literary agent,  I make a few alterations here and there.  Each room has a few things that need to be worked on.  Here I'll show you:
This is my Family room.  As you can see I like simple patterns and colors.  This room's color is called Wall Street by Sherwin Williams.  I love it.  It is warm and cozy and elegant and looks amazing with white.

Above is my slipcovered wing chair.  In the past I have had wing chairs and never even considered slipcovering.  Silly me.  What a waste.  I can't tell you how many pieces of furniture over the years I have donated not thinking of the alternative.  So when I wanted a wing chair and didn't want to pay tons of money I went to the salvation army and found this chair that was in mint condition but a hideous color fabric for 24 dollars.  Yes ! Get the smelling salts, 24 dollars.  I paid 200 and change to have a fitted slipcover in a low maintenance stain treated fabric that can be washed in the machine .

Now the sofas are both Ethan Allen.  I've had them for close to 8 years but as you can see my dogs (one pictured above) love that sofa.  I normally have it protected with a blanket but nevertheless the sofa has gotten alot of wear and tear in the fabric.  I have decided to reupholster it in this fabric below.
If you look closely the background of the fabric is similar to my wall street wall color.  There is a touch of white, chocolate, honey all the colors in my room.

They are picking it up tomorrow but I'm getting cold feet.  I hope I selected the right fabric.
New News:  I wrote this post yesterday and as I looked at it and looked at the room and imagined the plaid all over the love seat I truly began to feel anxiety.  I thought it would become the elephant in the room therefore creating a domino effect, where i would have to begin changing other things as well.  Okay so I'm impulsive but I also am not as brave for bold prints and colors.  Below is the new fabric I selected.  I only had to pay 146 for the plaid I had ordered already.  They had cut 22 yards already and you have to pay 20 percent for their waste incase they can't use all of it.  The bottom fabric is a crypton which is great on spills, it has a lovely texture and a pretty color and it is a bit lighter than the existing herringbone fabric.  I will order two pillows out of the plaid.  Might change the plaid ones on the chocolate sofa to tie it all in.


Kim said...

I love that there is a dog sleeping on the sofa and another sleeping in the picture above it. ;) Ethan Allen sofas are the best. We've had ours for 20+years. Bet the new fabric will be perfect.

Heather said...

I love the second fabric you selected. We have a cat who is not declawed. I couldn't bring myself to have his toes partially amputated for the sake of my old furniture. Well, he's had his way here and there. Nothing drastic, but it's time to adress the sofa and love seat. I'm thinking about slip covers for now. The joys of sharing your home with pets!

Patricia said...

Your post really hit home with me. My youngest son is a senior about to graduate high school in May....my nest will be empty by the end of the summer and I am DREADING it....What shall I do after spending all these years as a 'stay at home Mom'....?
On a lighter note - I also love your 2nd choice fabric - more neutral but a great color - it will look fantastic !

TAG said...

I'm also new to the empty nest. It is a difficult adjustment when you are a stay at home mother. As a suggestion, how would a suble golden tone fabric look on your loveseat? It would be brighter against the gray walls and look nice with the brown sofa as well as show less pet hair. Almost like a gold piece of jewelry against a gray outfit which looks great.

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