The Homestead Is Coming Together

The reason I haven't posted about my store lately is because we are just starting to get inventory in and prepare the space with a few pieces of furniture that will not be for sale but add to the ambiance and set a visual scene for all who enter.  Our style would be categorized as "Farmhouse chic and industrial decor."  It is going to be the first store in our town that will have that sort of look and feel.  Think about the things that say home to you, that make you feel secure and comfortable but are equally as beautiful and comforting.  Unfortunately I do not have photos of the showroom as of yet but I will once the inventory comes in and we can truly stage our store to make it absolutely pleasing.  In the meantime I will tell you about some of my finds.
Below:  One of the two sisters.  I found these identical twin chairs in perfect wood and frame condition at the salvation army.  The velvet was once lovely but is so damaged with stains and runs.  I purchased both of them for (shhhhhhh $ 11 dollars each.)  I know it's crazy.  I had my upholstery guy come asap and give me a good price.  I selected a lovely fabric and can't wait to see them when they are done.  

 The wing chair below was purchased in the same Salvation army.  For 14 dollars!  It literally is in perfect condition except for a little discoloring of the fabric in spots.  I am having a slipcover made for it so that we can advertise that we are doing slipcovers.  But it will be the chair that either my daughter in law will sit in or I will during times we are working at the store.
The lovely rug below is one I bought at the Home decor show in New York City.  NYNOW.
I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and now it rests in my family room at home.  (Well did you think I wasn't going to buy something for home?)

Below is the beautiful bed that came today.  I bought this antique twin bed from Juniper Hill Antiques in Stafford Connecticut. www.juniperhillantiques.com  I found it and fell in love with it.  They have lovely antique beds of all sizes and shapes and other pieces of furniture too.  I had wanted to find just the right bed for the store to showcase the blankets I'll be carrying.  Linda Mack, the owner of the store is wonderful and quick to answer any questions you might have about any of her beds or furniture.  She even scheduled a white glove transport for the bed that was very affordable.  (Antique Express Delivery)  It came this morning and we quickly put it up in the store this afternoon.

I don't know how the store will do or if it will work, but for now I am enjoying trying something new.  I spend a lot of hours alone with my dogs and as much as I adore them, I need something to keep me busy and feeling like I am doing something constructive.   Will keep you posted and promise to have a website and facebook page filled with photos.


Catherine said...

All so beautiful! The chairs will be transformed when done. So exciting! xo

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