Farmhouse 101

Lately I have been inspired by a few articles in magazines stating how to achieve "The Country Style" or "Farmhouse Look."  So I thought I would make my own list.  

Now I believe that it doesn't matter if you are in the middle of a high rise in a prominant city or a lone house in the middle of a cornfield, you can achieve the look you want regardless of geography.  You just need to have a check list, some inspiration and creativity.  

I must credit two of my dearest friends for their inspirations along the years.  KC and Catherine.  They have helped me to discover what my style preference is.  I can finally say that with their help I have found it.   (Below are some collages with a few mixed photos.  I included some of KC's and Catherine's homes to show how I was inspired by them.)
I think that it is finally the style that identifies me.  Use it, tweak it , add on to it and make it your own.  

1. Color:  I chose white.  (I also chose white for some walls as well.  Benjamin Moore is my paint brand of choice.  I think white accents whether it's on the walls or in pieces of furniture is a great touch to creating a farmhouse look.)

 2. Rustic Wooden tables, oversized, chunky, stained or natural, these tables add to the natural style of a traditional farmhouse.
 3. Wicker & Straw
 4. New with Old (Antique, or vintage, designer or hand me down, it all works together to give character and charm.)
 5. Essentials
 6. Art (I love the portraits, and portrait study's and landscapes too.  Whether they were expensive or bargains, either or help to add the finishing touches to your home.
Other touches that help create the feeling of a farmhouse are :  Wood flooring, exposed wooden beams, primitive cupboards, inherited one of a kind favorite things like a chair or a bench a quilt or an old pitcher.  It's all about cherishing the past while marrying it to the present.  There really aren't any rules, it's about creating a feel of a time when things were easier and life felt calmer.    I love this style and I finally feel like I found my decorating style.  What's yours?
Feel free to comment and add on any other tips you think add to making any home into a country style farmhouse.


Catherine Burke said...

Hmmm...My decorating style is based entirely on things I find in antique stores. If I find the 'piece' to set the room, the rest comes so much more easily.

Robin Johnson said...

Great roundup of farmhouse essentials. I've loved this post but I'm all about the same sort of look. My home is a work in progress as most are but I find it much easier to create the look I want be sticking to my favorites like some of the ones you've shown here.

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