Long Overdue

About a few months ago I posted about my sofa and chair being reupholstered.  Remember I had the dilemna of the plaid fabric that I had chosen and the fear that it was not the right choice for my room.  Then at the last minute I made a change which cost me two additional weeks to wait.  They finally came today and I wanted to share them with you.
This is the before shot:

 And this is the chair now, done in a sweet soft faded cream toile.
Let me remind you that my floor will be changed next week finally.  They will be installing the wide plank Hemlock.  So I think the Cream Toile will look lovely against it.

This is an Ethan Allen chair I believe the name was Avery.  I love this chair.  It's the perfect size, the perfect feel.  I am in love with the arms and the curved back.  I will reupholster it forever and never be without it.  I placed my throw because you know who likes to sit on it.  (shhhh my doggies)  I can't blame them it's the perfect spot to see the birdies and deer and foxes and all the excitement outside.
Below is my sofa.  I am so happy with the fabric.  It still goes with everything in the room but got a new look in the process.  This grey is much lighter than the one I had and the fabric is lighter too not as warm feeling as the herringbone one from Ethan Allen.  It's also an Ethan Allen piece.  Forget the name.  (If you need to know I can look it up)  Again I love the arms and the sleekness, it's not bulky and I feel like it's a timeless piece.  
 The woman at Calico selected the trim which I was not sold on.  She thought it would compliment my chocolate velvet sofa that is also EA and sits in my living room perpendicular to the love seat.  What I forgot to inform her was that I change my sofa in the late Spring to my white Ikea Sofa and place my chocolate velvet one in  storage in the barn until the late fall.  But I actually am pleased with the trim.  I don't think it's overpowering.  I was glad I listened to Lee at Calico Corners.

 Here's a closer look.
It truly feels like Christmas in my household because my youngest is home for the week for Spring break, I got my sofa and chair today and tomorrow . . .  Tomorrow is the arrival of the Toile Sofa I purchased from that company in California.  So I am thrilled.  Can't wait to see it and show you.  


Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Love your newly reupholstered items - you picked well. I think the trim on the sofa MAKES the sofa - I loved it then read what you wrote - so my two thumbs up on the selections!

Well done, happy sitting! : - )

Heather said...

I like the trim too. It adds just a little something "extra" that isn't overpowering. Understated and classic...the hallmark of a well-done custom piece.

Marilyn said...

Whoever did the reupholstering did a gorgeous job! It looks perfect.

I also love the trim. I know trim is expensive ( I was dumb founded at the cost when I was picking some out)but a nice looking trim is the frosting on the cake.

Marilyn (in Dallas)

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