Magnolia Sweet Magnolia

I own two Magnolia trees, one white and one pink.  "Jane" is my favorite. (The pink)
I just bought another Jane, about two feet tall.

The white one is larger and definitely more fragrant.  It sits outside the east extention of our home, outside the study window.  The Jane Magnolia sits north by our back yard.  It stands outside my kitchen window and greets me every morning as I have my coffee.  Unfortunately the strong winds and low temps the past three days have crippled the poor trees leaving  the defenseless petals wrinkling in   the evenings frost.    I'm so grateful I took some photos.  My husband often laughs when he sees me heading into the garden with a camera always in hand.  I tell him that I just feel as if they are part of my family and in a way they are.  


Catherine said...

Beautiful! I can smell them from here xoxo

Junkchiccottage said...

Sooooo beautiful and I bet they smell so great.
Happy New Week.

Marilyn said...

Breathtaking and such a lovely sign that Spring has arrived.

Marilyn (in Dallas)

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