Cabbages and Roses

Interesting combination you might say.  I have discovered that I am most drawn to things that bring me back either through a childhood memory or something that triggers a familiarity of some sort.  When I was a child one of the things I grew accustomed to was going once a week to my mom's favorite stop.  The fabric store.  Every town had one.  A small little store run by ladies with pencils in their disheveled hair and hanging spectacles around their necks.  The store I remember was very small and filled to the brim with endless bolts of fabrics wedged in each aisle.  I remember loosing myself in the small aisles where only one person could fit at a time.  My mom would be calling out my name as I giggled up and down the aisles.  She'd then take one or two bolts of fabric to the very large table to be measured and cut while she rummaged through bins of elastic and thread while grabbing some buttons. My house never lacked buttons.   We'd have jars and jars of mixed matched buttons in closets.  
I remember standing on my tippy toes to peek over the counter at the ladies  and watch them  zip through the fabric with their long sheers.  I was engrossed at the perfect cuts every time.  Later I learned that the table was fitted with a fixed grooved separation to allow a perfect cut everytime.
I don't know why it was so exciting for me to go there.  My favorite part was when my mom would purchase fabric that was at the end of the roll.  Sometimes the ladies would give us the cardboard holder.  I would always insist on carrying it home and when I got home I'd take it after my mom would remove the remnant fabric and grab a sheet and roll it on it as if it were a new piece of fabric.  Then I would play fabric store.
I know I was a weird kid.  Thus my facination with fabrics.
Recently I came across a wonderful website called Cabbages and Roses.  I sell their book in my store called Living Life Beautifully.  As I was reading through it I was immediately smitten with every page.  I had to go on their website and check it out.  I love their pillows and fabrics and desperately want to order but what I most loved was looking through their "Lookbook".
Here are some of their photos.  I think it exemplifies what is truly simple elegance.  I don't know who came first Rachel Ashwel or Cabbages and Roses or if they are connected but I truly felt inspired and wanted to share some photos and info with you.

 I want this sofa slipcover below.  So romantic and comfy.

 (Above) If only my pj's were that beautiful.  If only I matched when I go to bed.  Hee hee.  Shhhhhh!
(Below) I want to sleep there.  Maybe the birds can fly down and braid my hair with ribbon as I sleep.
 Can you imagine a luncheon here?
 Below those sheets and curtain flowing are just the most perfect shade of lavender.

 I love the curtains below.  Would love to have them for my bedroom.

 (Below) The curtains matching the window seat, be still my heart - a window seat!

 My love for fabrics hasn't changed over the years and if you're like me, after seeing these photos or purchasing the book below you will want to make pillows for every room.  I'm currently trying to re do all my porch pillows with fabrics like the ones above.  Just wanted to share this lovely website with my blogging friends.


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Beautiful, serene pictures. I too have a love of fabrics. I'm currently playing with a few for the makeover of the guest room. Hoping all is well your way. fondly ~lynne~

thevintage vixen said...

Thanks so much for introducing us to Cabbages and Roses. I just went to their site and fell in love with almost everything!!! I adore the sofa slipcover as well!!! Michele

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