First World Problem

For the past month I have spent at least 100 hours on pinterest.  I call it the Devil's Tool.
Honestly think about it.  I tend to sit hunched over my computer scrolling down, looking at endless photos of elegant homes and bathrooms and tons of other things.  Then I am wondering why my neck and back are in such pain and spasms?
Every night my beloved husband says to me "What are you looking for now?"
Okay I'm sorry but I always need a project.  Something to do, create or decorate sets off my endorphins and gives me such a rush.
The current project is my guest and hall bathroom, specifically the vanity and mirror.

Above, the hall bathroom.  Okay so right off the bat I want to state for the record that I know there is nothing wrong wtih my vanity.  Yes the marble has a bit of staining and the sink isn't my favorite and yes the mirrror is just sealed to the wall with a simple molding to look like a frame.  
I guess I should start at the beginning.  

I have always loved the idea of buying a vintage piece and cutting into it to put a sink.  How awesome is that.  I love old dressers and servers used in bathrooms.  So I began making boards and pinning beautiful photos of elegant bathrooms with gold gorgeous mirrors (my first love) and antique made vanities.  
And then my fantasy became a reality.  On one Saturday morning I happened to see a sign for a Barn Sale.  Those are two words I never ignore.  
Before I clicked my truck alarm to lock,  I had spotted it from a far.  It was beautiful. 

There it was, my vanity.  I could almost hear the angels singing.  Can you hear them?  
It had a sign on it, it's that piece of paper dangling from the middle drawer.  It read 60 dollars.  
I literally tripped as I called out "Whose in charge of this area?"
A guy in a plaid long sleeve shirt and old jeans smiled at me and said "that would be me."
I immediately said "It's mine.  I want it.  Please."
And then the weirdest thing happend.  He said "I'll tell you what I'm going to do.  I'll take ten dollars off.  It's yours for 50."
I'm laughing so loud inside my head.  But I smiled and shook my head and extended my hand in the universal "deal closing sign" and replied "Sold".
Did he not hear me?  I mean I know I'm a low talker but that was too easy.  
I quickly backed up my truck and as three women huddled around it about to open the bottom drawer I respectfully shouted, "That's mine!"
They gave me a snide look and then went off to look around the grounds.  

I left it in my truck hoping to take it out before my husband got home.  I pulled it out slowly and carefully but as usual managed to pull my back muscle, shoulder and elbow.  But it was worth it.  
Okay so I'm going to fast forward.
To Chalk Paint or Milk Paint?  That is the question.  
I researched, watched videos and bought Anne Sloanes Paint in a lovely grey color called Atilier.


Unfortunately the after was not what I truly wanted.  Although it looks pretty in the photo, it is very dark, almost too dark for the all white marble bathroom.  
Since then I have harrassed every friend I know, every designer I know (I know two, and they happen to be friends) my son's, and finally my husband.  
Should I use this?  Should I strip it?  Should I repaint it?  Should I find an existing vanity with a sink already in it that might have the same look?  Should I paint it in cream or stain it natural?
Oh my head hurts!

In the meantime I have always hated the mirror in the bathroom.  
My husband thinks I have a problem.  He doesn't understand why on earth I want to change anything in this bathroom.   Every time I bring a new mirror home he says "You got another mirror?  And where is that gonna go?"   But he doesn't get me.  Honestly do any of them really get us? 
But after the eye rolling, neck cracking, eye twitching, and walking away mumbling inaudible obsenities has subsided, he comes around eventually.  

I had a great idea.  What if we just changed the mirror?  Perhaps the built in vanity wouldn't bother me as much.  
It was time to find the perfect mirror.  

Fast Forward:
Pinterest search, ebay search, and googling to death along with trips to my neighborhood antique shops.  Found a mirror that I loved.  Little problem.  It was in England.

With shipping it was close to 2,000.  I tried to break it gently but it was not a successful conversation.
So I went to Plan B.  Find one in Ballards for 299.
The mirror arrived and it is lovely.  It was not the one I truly wanted but it will do.  
In the meantime I began looking through websites to see if I could find a vanity that was already complete.  A one stop shop.  As much as I love the vanity I found if I am going to use it for my bathroom I would have to the following:
Strip the two layers of paint 
sand it down
have the drawers fixed with new tracking device to open and close with ease
buy marble top and sink
cut and fit the top for sink and marble.

It's alot of work and in the end I really don't know how much I will have to put into it.  That's when I found this one.  

Just when I decided to go with the vanity above my girlfriend stopped by and fell in love with the 50 dollar antique vanity that was in our screening room.  When I asked my husband he rolled his eyes and shook his head.  I take that as a "sure honey whatever you want to do."
So here is my question.  
What should I do?  I am opened for suggestions.  Help!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for all your support and kindness and comments.  
Looking forward to hearing from you.


Wendy A said...

Your post tells me once you got the antique piece in your home and began working on it, it's not quite the right thing. I feel if you move forward with it, you'll never be quite satisfied. Sell the vanity to your girlfriend. The minute you get rid of it and stop concentrating on your bathroom, the right vanity will present itself. Also .. don't kill me ... a mirror similar to the picture you posted is available at Horchow - the Jacqueline mirror.

The term first world problem makes me shake my head. I decorate and redecorate my house as much as you do. I'm never done. My friends laugh at me. My mother says, you're wasting money. I say, I work very hard. I give to charity, particularly animal rescues, and I take care of several people. I save for my retirement so I (hopefully!) won't be a drain on any of my loved one's (or my state!) resources. Why shouldn't I have some nice things and do what I want? So should you!

thevintage vixen said...

Both vanities you have are lovely, but the second one is half the size of the one you have in there now. Are you ok with that? If so, fine. If not, perhaps you should keep looking or repaint the $50.00 one if you think that may help. If not, give it to your friend and keep looking.

I am like you where I get lost on Pinterest and various searches when looking for something. Sometimes too many choices are worse for me. I am moving soon, and I became crazed searching Craigslist and various real estate sites for apartments. I knew what I wanted but yet could not find it. I finally settled on a place that was close enough to my version of perfection.

It did not have everything I wanted but it has a beautiful view that will be spectacular in the fall (I am moving from NY to New England). When I focused on what I wanted most after my basic needs were covered (a safe place, clean condition, washer & dryer close by, etc.) it became clear. Find your spectacular view & you will not have any doubts.

Anonymous said...

I think your current bathroom looks loveley but I know exactly what you mean by having the urge to change things... I do it ALL the time. I think that the mistake you made was painting it that grey color. I thought the white was better. So at this point I don't think you'll be able to fall in love with it again and the easiest thing would be to just buy the vanity you want already completed. You would probably spend the same amount of money in the end repurposing the yard sale dresser. The mirror you found is very nice. I think it's better than the larger one from England. That looked too big...The smaller frame is more elegant in my opinion. Love your blog by the way.... how is your store doing? Best, Emilia

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

The room seems large so I would go with a large piece, more storage and top surface is best to me. If you aren't sure about this piece, sell it. If it's just the color, keep painting until you are happy; maybe just a little dimension of color in the detailed areas will help you like it better? Go with your gut and don't settle or you'll not be happy in the end.

Lee said...

You ladies are so wonderful! Thank you. I agree totally.

Doug Lowe said...

You did a really gave your bathroom a great makeover! From being a simple but charming-looking one, it turned into an elegant-looking one. The mirror looks good, though you didn't get the one you really like, that one still complement the whole bathroom style. And I totally love the sink! It's very antique and classy. Getting inside your bathroom is like time travelling to the past. Great job, Lee! Thanks for sharing!

Doug Lowe @ MM Glass Ltd

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