Portrait Studies

I have always been facinated with art.  I love all mediums and types of art but painting is my favorite.  Watercolor, oils, acrylics they are all beautiful mediums.  I used to paint.  Now wait a second. . . before you get all excited I have to be honest.  I guess I should rephrase that and say " I used to think I could paint."
Yes I took still life, life drawing, charcoal study, art history classes in college and yes I worshipped Bob Ross and ordered my own kit to create "happy little trees', but truth be told, I was not great at it.
I'm better with still life. I mean I can draw and paint a wicked apple, or show a draped cloth on a table and work with shading lights and darks, but don't give me a subject to work on. I can do eyes and basic form but hands and feet and noses are horrible.
Remember my post about a trip to Knoxville and the beautiful portrait study I purchased that started my staircase gallery?  http://leeshideaway.blogspot.com/2015/04/a-few-new-touches.html  Well look at the latest I have included.
 I also added a Hinkley hanging lantern to brighten up my gallery.

My staircase is small and narrow but adding the portraits and light have given this tiny space new life.
Take the smallest space in your home and create something spectacular.


Brenda said...

You have a great collection of painted portraits. I too have admired Mary Carol's portrait paintings, and I thought I was looking at a photo of her home and her collection of portraits, but it was yours! Well done.

Julie said...

Love the portrait gallery! How do you hang pictures in a stairway? Do you use some kind of scaffolding? I'd love to hang some pictures in my staircase but don't know how to get up high to put a nail in.

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