Check out my new website for The Shoebox

I created this with the help wix.com.
It was so easy.  If I did it you can too.  Take a look at my new website.


Dori at The Red Feedsack said...

Hi Lisa! I love your website! It's perfect.

Somehow I don't get new blog post alerts in my inbox on your blog anymore and I forget to stop over and catch up. Hope you're doing well!

- Dori -

Edwin said...

The new website is looking really good. I've used Wix in the past to create websites and they're great! I love the voiceover on the website, really professional and it sounds like an awesome read. You should set up a custom url for your website so it's easier for people to find. Thanks for sharng.

Edwin @ Clicks In Motion

Jessie said...

Hi Lisa! Your hideaway looks great, and you have made the most out of the functions offered by Wix. I love the featured photos and the voice over. It is like a virtual tour in your kingdom. I might try to create a website for myself as well, inspired by your project. Thank you for sharing this.

Noah Stewart said...

You really ought to invest in a personal domain for this website; it'll help you out to no end. The website itself is professional, engaging and really well-designed; it'd definitely be worth the investment. My recommendation is that you put your social media icons a little further up the page. Get yourself out there!

Chris Hatcher said...

My friend has used wix.com before and she loved it. Your new website looks awesome. I like how there is sound on the website, it is very appealing and unique. The Shoebox sounds like an interesting and entertaining book. Good luck with your book, I hope everything works out for you!

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