Click on Auto Pilot.

My youngest is back at school. 
Life must resume.  
Click on autopilot and keep busy.  
Wait to hear from him.  
Walk around with your phone waiting for the three dots to appear in answer to a text.
Food shopping becomes an awful experience when you don't have many to cook for.  
(My husband travels.  Alot.)
Clean out every pantry.
Organize until you can't anymore.
Wash all the curtains in the house.
Get his room ready. (As if he were coming home the same night)
I know I'm so pathetic. 
Smell his clothes.  (Did I say that?  Sorry, I meant his sheets.  Wait, no, I don't do that.  I wash them.  Don't know why I said that.)
Make countless trips to the parcel place.  Send him his favorite teriyaki sauce and snacks as if he can't find it there.)
Imagine the worst.
Hope for the best.
Mom switch doesn't turn off even if they are ten hours away. 
Paint something.
Clean out your closet.  Again.
Buy stuff. 

Here's to all the mom's crying in their son's beds.  Sending you strength and positive energy.  Be strong. You are not alone. 

My boys. 


Kim said...

Oh, it makes me sad and bad too. Because my oldest has is entering his senior year of college but he has lived at home these four years. Part of me is ready for him to leave but then there would be all the things you've listed above that I would do. Hugs to you! Moms of boys must stick together!

Catherine said...

Sending big hugs to you xoxo

Patricia said...

Wonderful post at the perfect time for me.....Thank you !
We just dropped my youngest child, a son, at college yesterday...My home is empty for the first time in 27 years, and I never knew it would hurt this bad....I know it's the way it should be - but it doesn't feel natural ! I miss him so much.

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