The Mirror

Okay it's time to put away the tissues and pity party and get back to reality.  During my son's first year in Knoxville I fell in love with this amazing antique shop called The Bearden Antique Mall in Knoxville, Tnn.  It is a huge warehouse type place with two floors filled with gems.  I had spotted this mirror last year and loved it.  I also took a photo of it for my friend Catherine who adores mirrors as much or perhaps even more than I do.  She has taught me so much about authentic antique mirrors and so many other things.  We both loved it but when I took the photo I was thinking about it more for her than for myself.  Throughout the year we talked about the mirror and got some shipping quotes but it would be costly to move across the states.  It is very heavy and very ornate and I feared that it would chip or get damaged in the transport.  
Catherine continued to find her own mirrors and I forgot about it for awhile.  When the idea of using an antique dresser as a vanity for my bathroom came about, I searched for a stunning mirror to place on top.  I knew it had to be jaw dropping to place in an all white bathroom.  As I spent time perusing through antique websites, looking through stores etc, and even settling on a Ballards mirror, I still thought it needed somthing a bit more spectacular.  That's when Catherine suggested the mirror for the bathroom.  Funny I honestly hadn't considered it.  We had another trip pending to take my son back and when I suggested the mirror to my husband, (he pretended not to listen as usual and when it was brought up in conversation he acted as if he had no recollection.)   he suggested I call and see if they still had it.  
They did, I purchased it and they held it for me.  
On Monday after moving my son into the university, we went to the antique store.  There it was more beautiful than I had rememebered.  

There was not much information about it.  I can't tell you what era it's from or period.  I can tell you that it is wood but I'm not positive if it's gilt or gesso.  I'm just learning about fine antiques but what I do know is that I love it.  It has all the features that I was looking for and I think when my bathroom is complete it will give me the look in the end that I had desired.

So in a couple of weeks the bathroom will be ready and I promise I will do a before and after post.  


designchic said...

Your mirror is going to be beautiful over your vanity. Can't wait to see your bathroom renovation!!

Anonymous said...

You have such elegant taste! The mirror will look fantastic I'm sure of it! Best, Silvana

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