Twin Beds . . . Not working for me. . .

Remember my twin beds?  The ones I was so excited about? . . . Well, 

I"m sorry to say that I am not happy with the room. I know I sounded as if I was and I guess I was at first.  But changing my son's room and then adding double beds has never quite worked for me. As much as I did love the beds, I didn't love them in that small room.   At first I thought about painting them.  But they are english and antiques and I would hate to do that to them, and I'm not great at painting furniture.  I'm sure anyone who is into the milk paints line would make these look lovely. 
The beds are in great condition. I bought two twin new mattresses too that only were used once by my friends children to spend one night.  
So here is what I'm thinking.  1,500 for both with the mattresses but not including shipping. I am just trying this out on my blog to see if anyone is interested.  Worst case I might try to paint them and sell them at the store.  So Let's see.

What am I going to do to the room when they are out?  Get a simple pine bed in full.  My son's bed is in storage in our barn for when they buy a house and use it in their guest room.
Promise will keep you updated.
For now, if anyone is interested please email me and let me know.  Thanks.  


Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Oh I hate that for you - but they do overwhelm the space. Perhaps lightened up with paint it wouldn't be like that - I'd think metal beds in white could work with twin beds in there better?

I think your offer is very acceptable and I wish you all the luck in letting a one of your readers get a very amazing set!

Lee said...

Thank you Michele, My husband thinks I"m crazy.
Maybe just a bit.

Mary said...

Catching up on emails have been playing " Nanny" while daughter packs to move out of state. Twin bed can be difficult. The room must be square and a window between is a bonus. I am sure they will sell in shop, I would not paint though.

Dana L said...

I like the room just the way it is! It looks sweet and cozy. Do not paint them- they are beautiful antiques. Where is your store located? What is it called?

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