Changing Things Up A Bit!

(Above, my married son's room the first time I re did it.)

This is it NOW:
I absolutely love it now.  My younger son's and his friends had labeled the room "The conjuring room" After the scary movie.  They said the beds gave them the creeps.  Well you know when someone tells you something and then you can't get it out of your head?  So I decided to flip rooms and remove the twin antique beds.  This was the Ethan Allen discontinued bed I found on Ebay that my friend KC has and I have always loved it.  I put it in Tim's room and used the new Ikea duvet (so inexpensive and so lovely) and brought the antique rug over as well.  

 I kept the same curtains.  I love these.  These are the ones my friend Catherine had and told me where she had gotten them.  They are so light and airy and easy to wash and don't even need ironing.  They are lined so that makes them perfect all year long.  Since Tim's room is now a guest room because he is married I will not be changing the room to seasonal beddings and curtains.  I chose light colors and simple tones.

The chair above is from Joss and Main.  The dresser is from one of my fav antique shops.  The little antique chair is from my friend Susan.  I love it and am using it to rest some wonderful books on it.
I find that now the room looks inviting and bright and pleasant.  The mirror below is also from an antique shop.  It was the mirror that my son is photographed looking through on the day of his wedding.

BEFORE: (Below) This was my mom's room, and before my parents room.  It went through several phases.  Some I am thankful I have no photos of.  As with most of my house all I will say is evolution is a good thing.  Recognize the bed below.  That is the one that is in Tim's room now.  This was after my mom had passed and I painted and simplified.  

AFTER:  (Below)  This is the Paula Dean bed from her gorgeous collection of furniture.  If you love farmhouse country you will love her collection.  I love this bed so.  It is massive.  I wanted a full but they didn't make a full.  Most beds now come queen and larger.  My friend KC had shown me an old discontinued bed that Ethan Allen carried.  It was exactly what I had wanted but I couldn't find.  When she sent me the photo I immediately made calls and searched on line trying to track this bed down.  I had no luck.  
Here is the Ethan Allen one:
I loved everything about it.  The shape, the knots on the pine.  The slats going across.  Omgosh I loved it.  But nothing.  
Until I saw the Paula Dean one below.  Now notice the color.  It appears to be grey.  I checked so many other websites that carried it and it all had a weathered grey look called oatmeal.  This is why it took me so long to get it because I wasn't sure it would match my decor and room.  I wanted a honey pine like the one in the Ethan Allen photo.  So after searching on line, in furniture stores, in catalogs I decided to get it.  I thought I could change up a few things if it didn't match. 

To my surprise the color oatmeal is a honey pine.  It matched perfectly with the little antique blanket chest I got for 100 dollars at an antique shop and with the table I got on our way to the beach.  
Below: Remember the Ballards mirror?  There it is.  Funny how small it looks, it's not. It's huge.  But I got the Pottery barn dresser and it fit perfectly on the top.  I placed the gingham Ethan Allen chair that I have always kept in my sunroom next to the dresser.  I love putting a chair by a dresser or by a door.  It's a good place to put your hat and scarf or purse or even books down.  I wanted to bring up some green into the room so I added that celery pitcher.   I have another one just like it at the beach.  The little lamp I bought today at one of my antique stops.
Below is the armoire also discontinued from Ethan Allen that I found I got off of Craigs list last year.  My friend KC again came to the rescue.  One of her old clients had put it on craigs list and when she heard I was looking for one she called to tell me.  The woman actually lived like five minutes from my house.  Funny huh?

Below is my blue and white tufted chair and ottoman.  I bought fabric from Joannes and have it placed on top because I am going to have a slipcover done so that I can use this chair and ottoman in the guest room.  The chair is beautiful in blue and white so I didn't want to change anything in case a year or two from now I want to use it downstairs again in my blue and white living room.
I love swapping furniture.  I even do it at night in my head.  My friend Catherine says she does it too. (The little antique lamp on the floor I got today as well.  Still finding a place for it.)
 You can see Wally's reflection.  For some reason he always loves to be in the way of a photo op.
Above the little sweet embroidered pillow is from the antique store in Knoxville.  I love having things from the town my son is at school at.  It makes me feel closer to him.  Below is the pine table I posted about that I got for 70 dollars at an antique shop.  It went perfectly by the bed.

 Found that rug at Homesgoods.  The day it came in I saw it and grabbed it.
 Last shot of the mirror again.


Gee Singh Newbanks said...

Both rooms are just luvly Lee. I especially luv the iron bed. :) Got a good giggle at what your son and his friends said about the room. Funny, my granddaughter saying something was too plain and needed colour prompted me to finish a project while she napped. She's 7 going on 21.
Happy new week.

Silvana Joanne said...

What a great before and after! It's much better now than before. It looked too cramped with the two beds...now it's a beautiful, romantic guest bedroom :-) Well done!

Catherine Burke said...

Both rooms look so pretty and so COZY. It makes me want to come over and snuggle up with a good book xoxooxox What a wonderful transformation, well done my friend! xoCatherine

thevintage vixen said...

I love how you decorated both rooms. But I must admit I love the antique beds you had in the first room, too. They would be really nice painted white. Thanks for sharing.

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