Last Few Weeks

After our trip back to Knoxville to drop off my youngest it was time to hit the beach, relax and focus.

So this is what I did for the last few weeks of Summer.  (I know technically it is still summer but I'm a teacher so once Sept 1 comes along, Summer is long gone in my mind.)
We escaped to our house by the ocean.
 Sat on the beach. (My favorite thing to do on the planet)
 Spent time with Hubby.
Rode my bike alot.  (Okay so I can't ride a two wheeler, big deal.  I don't care.  This is the cadillac of bikes! Haha- for me that is.)
 Went antiquing and found this lovely pine table that you will see in my next post about the guest room makeover.
Had our beautiful inlaws come spend time with us.
Ate at our favorite restaurants.  Alot!
Below Tisha's Lobster Risotto is divine!

The Black Duck
And our newest favorite Peter Shields

Bought a beautiful painting.
Finished my book.  Wonderful!
And today I said goodbye to my beloved beach.  
The beach has always been the place where I have felt truly free.  Where I have been surrounded by proof of God's existance and of his power and majesty.  It is where I have created characters, fallen in love, been kissed, had dreams, many naps, eaten the best watermelon, shared secrets, told some of mine, prayed, made many sand mermaids, left my footprints, watched my children grow up, and now I sit with my husband alone looking out wondering "what will come next." 

So with great sadness I do what I always do on my last visit to the beach.
 I dip my toes, face the ocean, take a deep breath and close my eyes and listen to the soothing sounds.  I exhale and send my love to the vastness of the ocean before me feeling humbled by it's power and I whisper "I will miss you."  
Goodbye Summer!


White Lace and Promises said...

Me too, to all of the above. Oh my goodness! It's been two years since we've taken our annual beach trip. The last time we went was 3 years ago when our oldest was 6 months old. Our trip was usually in May but now 2 of my children are working for the University System and that is graduation time. My other children take an annual Disney Vacation and the cost of that is ridiculous. So, we are waiting until the kids get a little older. Can't wait to see what you do with the table.

Catherine said...

What a beautiful good-bye and what a beautiful way to spend our sweet summer days. Look forward to joining you one day. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What great pictures! I love that ballerina painting you bought. I'm sure it will look lovely in your home. It's always great reading your posts. Very soothing. Best, Silvana

Anonymous said...
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Alexie said...

Beautiful post. I absolutely adore that bike!!
Love you

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