A Year Later

Our Sweet Barn
Today is Oct 3.  This time last year it was 8 days before the wedding.  Hard to believe it's been a year since my son got married in our Barn.  It feels like it was only yesterday when I was working around the clock with everyone to make the wedding a day to remember.  So I thought I'd post about the barn and a add some photos from the wedding.

For those of you who haven't followed my blog, our barn was made by the Amish.  To read about the raising of the barn go to http://leeshideaway.blogspot.com/2014/01/the-foundation-of-barn.html

This is the barn today.  We have left a few of the swags and curtains up and the flowers on the arbor still remain.  A eucalyptus garland adorned with my own hydrangeas from the garden remain dried and crisp and still with some color.  The pergola (made by the fathers of the bride and groom) will remain in my barn until the happy couple buy a home.  They will place it in their own garden some day.

All our yard equipment and things are stored back inside but the remnants of a day that will never be forgotten still remain.

 Below a hand made rustic cross my husband made.  It still hangs near the center of the barn where my oldest was blessed with the sacrament of marriage.

 Up in the loft, my christmas boxes and husband's golf clubs are all kept.
A look back.  The Barn last October looked more like this.
 This time last year I was purchasing pumpkins and stringing lights.
My one regret.  The tree outside the barn was not lit with tiny white lights.  (Honest, that is my one regret)

The Barn really came to life with all the votives and lights.  I gathered tons of branches from the woods behind my house and we strung lights on each and every one.  I also chose battery operated candles  just to be safe.

 We adorned the rustic window sills with little bird nests and votives.
Below hanging behind the curtains is a hanging wreath with votives.  My dear friend Mary Carol Garrity used them in her daughter's wedding and talked about it in her book Stylish Weddings.  When I told her how much I loved the idea and asked her to send me a photo she sent me one of them and offered to let me use all them all.  She is the kindest most generous and wonderful lady.  She sent the bride and groom one as a gift and I created five more to hang.  They made the barn magical.  

Just moments before:  My sons, waiting for the bride.  Oldest son and groom in blue and youngest in wine.  He is now a Sophomore at the University of Tennessee.

 Quartet in place.  (Another shot of the hanging lit wreaths)

 The Happy Couple (An emotional moment, stepping out of the barn as a married couple)
 Below one of my favorite photos.  A moment frozen in time.  Thank God for the gift of Photography.  What would we do with out it?
Right outside the Barn under the pergola in the patio - hors d'oeuvres were served.  

Couple quickly sneaks away before the invited guests arrive so they can take photos.
First Trolley arrives.

 The festivities have begun!  Below as the second trolley unloads guests and they walk along the back yard you can see the hydrangeas that are now dried on the pergola inside of the barn.
This was the color.

Below: Mother of the Bride enjoys a moment  and a cocktail with friends.
 Photo op with my friends.

 As the guests get their drinks and tasting appetizers . . .
The Bride and Groom make memories.

 And as the light changes and dims and the day turns into night, the lights become stronger creating a memory I will never forget.  The tent glowed in the darkness of an October night.
Inside, the party continues.

Time to dance!

So blessed to have experienced this beautiful day only a year ago.  


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Congratulations to the couple! The wedding look spectacular! Memories are what carry us through. fondly ~lynne~

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Lee,
Such great memories caught in pictures for you to remember that beautiful day. Everything was so sweet and your DIL dress is stunning. Love your dress too so pretty.

The Vintage Vixen said...

Oh Lee, I am in tears over this post!!! I am single and have thought that someday, if I am lucky enough to get married, I want a barn wedding. A cozy, beautiful, homey barn wedding. Your son's wedding is almost exactly what I have in my mind's eye!!! And the trolleys remind me so much of how much I loved Mr. Roger's Neighborhood!!! What a wonderful detail!!! You are your family are truly blessed!!! Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful moment in your lives!!!

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