Bathroom Done . . . Check

The hall bathroom was completed today.  After many months of waiting here is my post.

I had a built in made and topped it with marble and just added a molding around the perimeter of a rectangular mirror.

Even before Pinterest I loved the idea of using a real dresser or antique piece as a vanity with a stone top and sink.
I found the mirror in Knoxville, Tnn.

I found this lovely antique chest.  It was then that the bathroom project became a reality.  
As with everything that involves our house, there is always a waiting period.  Due to scheduling complications, a job that should have been done in September became November.  
A few complications:  We discovered the marble tile was never completed below the built in.  Wall needed some repairing after removing the mirror, and chest needed some tweaking and fine detailing in order to be used as a vanity.  


Instead of marble we opted for Quartz.

The end of yet another project.  I am so happy with the results.  
Thank you for following. 


Catherine said...

So beautiful! Well done, you must be so pleased. Love the marble top and the lovely pattern it made over cabinet. xoxoxoCatherine

Silvana Joanne said...

Beautiful!! It looked beautiful before as well but now it has so much more charm and elegance! Great job :-)

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