A Sweet Surprise.

This came today.  This lovely arrangement.  
It sat on my front porch with a card.  For Mimi.  

A few weeks ago I turned the big 50.  I had been dreading the day.  It was the hardest birthday I think so far.  So I told my husband I wanted to have a party.  It was small but I had all my friends there with me to dance the night away.   

On the night of my real birthday my son and wife along with my husband and in-laws  took me to a wonderful restaurant to celebrate.  During the toast my son gave me the best surprise.  He announced that he and his wife were expecting.  I cried and laughed and we all hugged and I told them that the news made this birthday the greatest birthday ever.  
Below, my oldest in my arms.  I still remember this night.  I wanted Tim to have something red on.  My husband was taking photos of us for our christmas card.  It was late in the evening and Tim was tired and sleepy.  We sat in front of the tree, me in my holiday robe and Tim in my husbands tee shirt. Feels like a few months ago, instead of years.  

 Please excuse the 1990's hair.  It was still in the 80's mode.
 And now my son will soon be a father.  And I will be a Mimi.    Amy Grant wrote a song about her grandmother called Mimi's house.
"No one is a stranger in mimi's house, cause love has made it's home there in her heart.
And she's got that infectious way of laughing right our loud, that takes away the pain and lights the dark."
So at 50 here I am, contemplating the road ahead.  A grandmother.  Life truly is a wild ride.
Below, the mom and dad to be.


Catherine said...

I am so beyond thrilled for you and your family Lisa. What a wonderful blessing for a wonderful family. xoxoxoxoMuch love, Catherine

Kathleen George said...

Your mom would have been so happy for you! A beautiful gift for your 50th!
Kathleen in Az

Sandy Bowers said...

What a life changing moment! Blessings all around! Congratulations!

Sue said...

My first grandchild was born about 6 weeks before my 50th birthday. It will transform your life.
Merry Christmas and congratulations.

Dori at The Red Feedsack said...

Congratulations Lisa!!!! There is nothing, and I do mean nothing, that compares to being a grandmother. My little grand-girls make my day just about every single day. I am always so very thankful for them. I'm super excited for you! What a perfect Birthday surprise! :-)



for the love of a house said...

Lisa, No one believes you're 50, least of all me;) You look like you just turned 30!! Happy belated 50th!

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