Blizzard of 2016

 I should have known when my husband left for Utah that there would be a blizzard coming.  Never fails!
Sure enough he left Thursday morning and by Friday early evening the snow was falling.  It continued all through the night and all through Saturday.  We got 30 inches in our area.  I sat and watched out the window as the snow mounds got higher and higher.

 The snow covered my front porch steps and hid all my garden benches beneath the blanket of white.
My son and his wife were snowed in and unable to leave because the plow on the property where they are renting a house from broke on Friday evening.  So finally after two days of being home alone with just my dogs, my landscaper showed up with his plow and rescued me. 

I got out this morning for the first time since Friday and drove into town to check on my store and make a trip to the market along with a Starbucks coffee.  I've been suffering from  withdrawal from being without it for two days.    This is what the main street looked like.
A mess!  
55 days until Spring!  But whose counting?


Stacia Allison said...

peaceful snow, lots of snow. hot tea, hot coffee, fireplace lots of good books, my two dogs, home alone.

sounds a little like heaven to me.

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