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First of all I wanted to say thank you to Shari Miller from www.littlebluedeerdesign.com who gave my blog a new look.  I definitely recommend her for any blog work and design.  She was so easy to work with and I love the way it turned out.  Hope you do too.

I just had to do one more post on my portrait studies and now my nude study in my bathroom.
Refer to Mary Carol Garrity's bathroom nude portrait studies I posted about a few weeks ago.  Ever since I saw that post I have not been able to rest without figuring ways to duplicate it somehow.  But my love for art did not just emerge.  My love for art started as a very young girl.  My father was an artist.  He drew, painted, sketched, did wood work, photography.  He and my mom even had their own dark room in the house.  My father sketched on everything even when he wasn't working on something.  He would draw on napkins if we were in restaurants and even on the back of reciepts or cigarette boxes which we still have a few saved.  He was constantly ordering paint sets and buying brushes or charcoal pencils and sketch pads.
 Now don't get excited, I am not an artist.  I have tried painting, using many mediums. Have taken life drawing classes, and continue to draw today but I'm not great and have difficulties adjusting proportions.  So I instead am a lover of other peoples art now.

This weekend we went to visit my son in Tennessee and I went to my favorite antique store in Knoxville.  Bearden Antique Mall.  There are very few places like this.  Look them up on FB.  It is a two floor warehouse that is filled with priceless gems that will make you salivate like pavlovs dogs after a bell.    Bearden is where I purchased my mirror in the hall bathroom and the lovely painting of the woman on my staircase gallery.  So if you love antiques and are ever near Knoxville you will not want to miss it.  (Kingston Pike is in my opinion the antique and home decor capital.  The amount of stores are insane.
There were two paintings that caught my eye this time.  One of them was a portrait study of a woman in a red dress.  It turns out that the same painter who painted my lady in the blue dress painted her.  Supposedly the two women were dancers in a ballet group.  So that made me want her even more.  How could I not get two paintings from the same artist.
Below is her sister.  The first painting I got from Bearden.  
Above is the new Great Big Canvas buy.  This Madonna and child above with St. Anthony is the new
addition to my staircase gallery.
 The cutie below is from the Great Big Canvas website too. Isn't he incredible.

 Below is my bathroom and my nude portrait study.  The two on the top and left are from Fine Art America.  The one in the bottom right is from Ebay.  The one in the middle is from Ebay too.  I love it.  The woman told me that her grandmother painted it.    I just love it.  The one on the bottom left is just a printed out drawing that I printed with a colored effect like a sepia tone.  And finally the one on the top right is a charcoal drawing by me.
The second painting I came home with was unexpected.  I fell in love with it the minute I laid eyes on it not expecting that I would be bringing it home.

Doesn't she look like Grace Kelly?  I absolutely love her.  
She now hangs in my formal living room.  


Barbara Lane said...

Very nice! The new blog design is lovely however the font is so small, and in gray it makes it difficult to read. Am eager to see your bathroom when it's done with your new nude collection!

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