Great Big Canvas Art

When I had the exciting privilege and opportunity of visiting Mary Carol Garrity's home (founder of Nell Hill's stores in Kansas and Kansas City Missouri) not only once but twice thanks to my husband, I was forever changed.
Mary Carol has the most incredible talent of grouping things together to create the most comforting and beautiful home.  She adds old with new and rustic with traditional and the end product is a dream.  But one of her greatest loves and additions to creating the perfect home is the placing of the most beautiful art work.  One of the lasting impressions I had walking through her home was the placement of this gigantic religious painting.  I marveled at how beautiful and compelling it was in the room and how I wanted to some day create that same feeling in my home.

Since my trip, Mary Carol has sold her amazing Georgian Revival home and she and her husband have moved into a Lake House that they had built.  She named the new house Innisfree.  In her latest blog post she posted about her bathroom.
WARNING: For those of you who are art lovers and love to decorate I am not responsible for what you will do after seeing this post.  My husband is threatening to block her website and blog from my computer.  https://nellhills.com

Below her painting that once hung in her living room now is in her master bedroom.  I love that Mary Carol is not inhibited.  When she designs a room she doesn't go by rules and doesn't care about scale. She only considers what she loves and having it close enough to enjoy it.  I find this to be absolutely gorgeous.  
In her recent blog post, (which you can click above and see) She posted about her bathroom.  Take a look:

Once you can compose yourself and get up from the floor you can continue reading my post.  So needless to say I have been obsessed with creating something similar in my own bathroom.  I ordered a few paintings and have added a few of my own sketches.  Once I am done I will post my own version of Mary Carol's bathroom gallery.  Until then I can tell you what I have done in my staircase gallery.   I wanted to  share with you an amazing website.    www.greatbigcanvas.com
I ordered this beautiful painting and got it in the same week.

 The Madonna and Chiild.
 Okay so as much as I love how it looks I don't want to keep her here only because the light fixture we installed covers the full view of how beautiful it is.

Ideally I would like to put her in my bedroom and get a larger painting for this spot that will be higher and wider and not be covered by the light fixture.
She will hang here temporarily until I order the new one.  I am torn with a few other choices.  This website is so wonderful and there are a million choices to look at and create your great big canvas art masterpiece for you own home.  www.greatbigcanvas.com
I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.  Until then I will be working on my bathroom gallery.  


Brenda said...

I have also been amazed by MCG's art, and that painting that formerly hung over her sofa is magnificent! Thanks for the link to greatbigcanvas.com; I looked around there and found many prints that I love. I love the one you chose, but you do need to hang it where it won't be obstructed. It's beautiful.

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