A Passion For Peonies. . . And A Few More Garden Treasures

 Last night we returned from visiting our beach house and spending two days at the beach.  I wasn't able to see much of my garden until early this morning.  Heavy rains had come some time during the night and had damaged many of my Peonies.

So this morning I immediately set out to lift the ones I could save and cut the ones I could not.
The amount I had to cut was heartbreaking.

I was able to make three large arrangements and one for my neighbor.

 Below is the arrangement for my neighbor.

I can't begin to tell you how my kitchen smells.  The look, feel, smell and composition is outstanding.  Yes they fall apart very easily and they topple to the ground the minute rain hits them, and yes I wish they could last longer,  but taking all this into consideration, the Peony remains to be my favorite flower.  I found a wonderful company that carries so many varieties.  It's called Peony envy.  www.peonysenvy.com  I recently purchased a few and I am so happy to report that they arrived quickly and in perfect condition and are already in the ground and budding with flowers that should be opening in the next day or two.   
A few other suprises as I walked through my garden.
One of my late blooming Lilac variety bushes was in full bloom.

And my beloved Wisteria.

It's so wonderful to come home to so many surprises in my garden.  


Marilyn said...

This post is making me swoon! Peonies and lilacs are 2 of my favorite flowers, which is sad because neither grow here in Texas. I grew up in upstate NY surrounded by both. I still recall the sweet fragrance of both.

That was a lovely, generous bouquet for your neighbor and such a nice gesture.

Marilyn (in Dallas)

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