The Kindness Of Strangers

A few years back I had the unforgettable opportunity of visiting Mary Carol Garrity's home.  In fact I was fortunate to have gone twice to Kansas for her open house tour.  (As you have all probably read in my posts about my trip.)
One of the lasting impressions I had was of the smallest room in her house.  Her kitchen.  On her island was a beautiful bakery stand.
I lay awake at night after the tour thinking about finding one just like it.  When I called the store (Nell Hills) they only had one and it was not for sale but the lovely ladies at the store said it could be ordered.  It was about 1,000 dollars with shipping and I knew my husband would need a defibrillator to resuscitate him after learning of my purchase.  So over time I withdrew the fantasy from my mind of having this lovely patisserie stand.
Every now and then I would look on ebay or etsy or just do a search but very few would compare to Mary Carols.  
Two weeks ago I received a lovely email from a woman in Lincoln Nebraska out of the blue.  Her name was Linda and she was writing me because she too was a MCG disciple  (haha) and was in love with it as well.  She had read in my blog that I was obsessed with it and had been looking for one as well.  
When I looked at the link, I almost needed a defibrillator.  It was absolutely what I had been searching for.  Almost identical to Mary Carols.  It was 830 am and I was in the bathroom reading Linda's email on my phone.  Partially dressed and out of the shower, I was reading that this woman, Linda,  had just received hers and was enamored and highly recommended it.  The fact that this was going for under 300 dollars was insane.  So, without hesitation,  I clicked the link, and clicked it to my cart and it was done.  Before 9 am.  
Well, the email came to me on May 19.  I received the Patisserie stand yesterday on the 25th.  Six days after I placed the order.  
Below is another shot of Mary Carol's kitchen.  I wanted you to see it before you see mine.

Now Linda told me the box would be huge and perfectly packed and it was absolutely packed safely and well.  It took me a long time to remove it from the box.  The base is very heavy.  It has a marble center.  The glass shelves are meticulously packed in foam and taped securely.  
Here it is below.  This is the Pottery Barn photo.  The metal poles are a lovely dark gold color.

They adjust very easily to your desired height.  
And below is my new patisserie stand.  I am smitten.  I know you will be too.

Thank you Linda, for being so kind and thinking of me and emailing me.  I am so in love with my stand.  
For those of you who fell in love with it too at Mary Carols or thought of getting one at Nell Hills this is a wonderful alternative.  


Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Oh this is just the happiest most awesome story!

I absolutely love it- and could just hug Linda for being so thoughtful - that's amazing she did that for you. YAY YAY YAY!

Marilyn said...

It's both beautiful and practical! Linda really came through for you.

Marilyn {in Dallas}

Bobbie Allgood said...

I am so happy you were able to find a suitable replica of Mary Carol's decorative piece. It is beautiful. Did you know Mary Carol is closing her Atchison store? I am so sad; it was so special. She will however continue to maintain her KC store. Yea. Wishing you all the best.

Bobbie Allgood

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